A Short Family Road Trip to Canyon Cove


Whenever my family wants to have a short break, the first place that comes to my mind is the Canyon Cove Resort in Nasugbu, Batangas because it’s just a few hours drive from our place.  So, when Egay said we should go someplace nearby  before all our kids go back to school after the Christmas holidays, I suggested that we go for an overnight stay at Canyon Cove.  I especially love the sceneries going to the resort. The Nasugbu-Ternate winding road with awesome view, and the irresistible photo opportunities area overlooking the sea and breathtaking mountains are enough reason for Read More

Our Bohol Family Trip 


Going on a big group travel is fun, but encountering some problems along the way is part of it, which will turn into good memories to look back on and stories to tell during family gatherings. Our Bohol trip last 27 December started off on the wrong foot. We were late and were almost off loaded from our flight because we had difficulty finding an overnight parking slot. The  parking building was closed off because it was fully booked caused by the delayed and cancelled flights during the weekend’s typhoon. We had to turn back and go to the open Read More

Why would anyone love to visit Davao more often?


Why would somebody who’ve been to Davao a lot of times would still look forward to the next visit, which, if at all possible, would be in the immediate future, like, the following month after the most recent visit? Why is a visit to Davao never enough and staying longer would be very tempting if not for some constraints? In my own experience, whenever I have the chance to go to Davao with my husband or with the whole family, there’s always a wishful thinking that: 1.  if only my own town/province  is like this; 2.  if only I feel Read More

Our Bohol Experience


  We went to Bohol last June 5 to 8.  It was a trip which we almost didn’t push through due to financial constraints.  That’s the problem with buying promo tickets which you wouldn’t get to use until one year after you bought them.  Something will come up which will cause you to have second thoughts in going through with it.  In our case, it was scheduled just 3 weeks after our Hong Kong trip.  The purchase of our Hong Kong tickets happened after I bought our Bohol tickets, but if I had bought the Hong Kong tickets first, there Read More

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Island Hopping in Coron Part 2


Our package just includes 1 day island hopping, so on our 3rd day, we just made our own arrangements for the islands/lakes that we wanted to visit.  At first, we were told that we will join other groups, but their trip was cancelled because they changed from Coron Islands to Malcapuya Islands, so we just hired the boat by ourselves. Hubby and I really wanted to go to Malcapuya Islands because we’ve heard so much about it being like Boracay, with very fine, powdery sands, but unfortunately, I didn’t want to take the risk of riding through the strong waves Read More

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