A Short Family Road Trip to Canyon Cove

Whenever my family wants to have a short break, the first place that comes to my mind is the Canyon Cove Resort in Nasugbu, Batangas because it’s just a few hours drive from our place.  So, when Egay said we should go someplace nearby  before all our kids go back to school after the Christmas holidays, I suggested that we go for an overnight stay at Canyon Cove.  I especially love the sceneries going to the resort. The Nasugbu-Ternate winding road with awesome view, and the irresistible photo opportunities area overlooking the sea and breathtaking mountains are enough reason for us to always use this route in going to Nasugbu.


The selfie stick came in handy for our group photos. It was so fun using it… okay, I know I’m a bit late on this, but, whatever, haha!

We arrived in Nasugbu just before 3pm, which was actually the official check in time. We were hoping to arrive a little early, but then, since our goal was to have a relaxed and stress-free travel, we took our time and didn’t hurry much like we used to.  Upon check in, I was surprised to know that guests are now required to give security deposit amounting to P2,000. I was even telling  the front desk staff that we’ve been there a lot times and it was the first time that  we were required to give a security deposit. But then she said it was their new business policy, so…. how are you supposed to argue with that?

The room that was given to us was a little bit far from the pool but it was on the ground floor so it was fine and it had a nice view of the sea which was so refreshing.


As always, whenever we go on an out of town trip, I always remind the kids that we didn’t go there to waste time watching TV. They knew it was coming, haha! As soon as we entered the room and I opened my mouth to say something, they knew what I was going to say. Then Faye said, “I thought you said we came here to relax?” Okay, smart girl! Relaxation for her is a license to watch TV ha!

So, since I was true to my promise of  going on a relax mode, no stress and no rush, we went out late in the afternoon, although I’ve been wanting to go outside earlier because I wanted to catch the sunset to take a nice photo.  It was cloudy, though, but there were still streaks of golden sunlight in the sky.

A stroll by the beach, with the sunset on the horizon was so invigorating.  Feeling the cold and soft sands on our feet, sans the slippers,  was so relaxing. I  think I’m just really a beach person. I get to set aside life’s worries whenever I’m on the beach.


We stayed for a few minutes in the area near the pool before we decided to go out for dinner at around 7:00pm. We’ve been to Canyon Cove a lot of times but we’ve never tried eating in their restaurant.  We always go to the nearby restaurants outside the resort and recently, the kids were more adventurous, they no longer want the usual restaurants that we go to. They prefer local restaurants. This time, we tried the Pendong Sizzling Tapsilogan. They have good food choices and their place was nice, just like the small restaurants found in Maginhawa St. in Quezon City.

Early the next morning, we went for a swim on the beach. I always prefer the beach over the pool. If ever I’ll go to the pool, it will only be for a few minutes, but  since  we didn’t bring our aqua shoes, we weren’t able to enjoy the beach because of the big rocks, so the kids eventually went to the pool. They’ve always preferred the pool over the sea, while me,  I’m always happy with just a  dip in the ocean water.

During our beach stroll, we saw a nice area at the end of the resort’s property with picturesque landscape overlooking the resort and the sea. It was an awesome backdrop for a photoshoot, so before we checked out, we went there for some photos.

This short break was  really just a way for us to unwind and relax, and we did just that. Taking short trips like this is important for every family because it can be a way to reconnect with each other and enjoy each other’s company without thinking of other commitments.  So, yes,  we all need and deserve a break, however short it may be!

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  1. Wow nice place. Just in time because summer is coming na. I would like to go to the beach talaga and hopefully we can visit Canyon Cove too. Medyo malayo lang but looking at your photos mukhang worth it. And just like you, I am new to selfie stick too haha.

  2. I’ve been to Canyon Cove 6 years ago pero day tour lang. Nice nga ung place and ung beach. Great idea for those looking for a summer outing venue 🙂

  3. Hi! Glad to see a newer post on this place. May I ask how much you paid for your room? We are a family of four – two parents and two teens – and I’ve often seen/read only 3 adults allowed in a room. I wonder if we can just be all in one room.
    Thanks in advance.

    • hello, I get my voucher for P3,500 from a friend who owns 2 units there. We are a family of five, with kids all considered adults, and we all fit in because the superior room has 2 double beds and the daybed by the window. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. I have never been to canyon cove, but it seems like a place worth visiting.
    Glad, to know that you and your family had lots of fun.
    Nice article, simple, sweet and straight forward. Keep posting more. 🙂

  5. Good to read this post about canyon cove,very good and beautiful place for travel with family I want to go there with my family.your article is simple and easy to read please keep posting more.

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