150 Maginhawa Food Park

It was supposed to be a cousins’ day out, but the titas and titos tagged along, haha! We asked them how will they go to Maginhawa if we won’t be coming with them? Well, they were ready to commute by taking the MRT and tricycle. But then… we also wanted to go food tripping!

As  usual, we relied on Earvin to find a good place for us. Then  we remembered the cluster of restaurants that we saw the last time that we were there which  we promised to go back to. So that’s where we went.

The place had its own Valentine’s Day ambiance, with cute phrases, which of course,  the kids wouldn’t miss for photo opps.

There were many food choices which looked overwhelming, but the kids knew what they want, and they were all good, although they were the usual pizza, chips, chicken, churros.

We also had this gigantic  drink, aptly called Milo Dinosaur from The Piggery. Nothing really special,  just a chocolate drink in a huge container, sprinkled with Milo powder on top. Maginhawa restos really have a way of making something special out of a seemingly ordinary drink.

We wanted to explore other restaurants but it was getting late, and some of the kids had school the next day. So, maybe next time we will schedule this food tripping a little bit early, though lunchtime is not advisable since most of the restaurants are still closed.


And since it was the eve of  Valentine’s Day, we wouldn’t miss this photo for the world!

I think we should consider doing this Maginhawa restaurant hopping every month, but I doubt if we will be able to exhaust all of them, since every week, there’s a newly-opened place for hang out, which is totally fine, because at least, every visit will be a different experience.

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