Zark’s Burgers 

We had an unscheduled day out with our youngest daughter, Faye. She didn’t go to school last Saturday because of headaches so we brought her to the doctor at Casa Medica in SM Southmall. We had her checked by an Internist who referred her to an Opthalmologist for possible error in refraction, and ENT for her allergic rhinitis. But prior to that, we encountered a slight problem with the nurses at Casa Medica because they were insisting that we go to a pediatrician since Faye is just 16 years old, who will then refer her, if needed, to a specialist. We had no problem with that except that the next scheduled pediatrician hasn’t even come in yet, and we were looking at the possibility of waiting for 2 or 3 hours more. Egay won them over when he explained that we had no problem with the other clinics when we opted to go to a specialist instead of the pediatrician.

While waiting for the Opthalmologist, we looked for a place to eat and stay for a while. Faye suggested the Zark’s Burgers. I was also curious with their burgers so I said we should give it a try.

It was really just out of curiosity that I agreed going there because  I don’t eat burgers, except the once-a-year burger from my office cafeteria — that’s the only place I know where I can trust the ingredients and how burgers are prepared. The last time I ate McDonald’s burgers, I had a terrible gallstones attack so never again.  But then, yeah I know,  all burgers are created equal, high in calories and fat content!

Egay ordered the Black Mamba, Php140. It’s a cheeseburger on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms and caramelized onions, topped with barbecue rum sauce.

Faye ordered the Three-Pointer Burger, Php140, which she later switched with my order when she saw all the veggies. It has 3 cheese (mozarella, cheddar and cheese sauce) served with lettuce, tomatoes and caramelized onions.

I ordered Zark’s Ultimate Burger, Php150. It’s a 1/4 pound cheeseburger, on a bed of veggies, topped with sauteed mushrooms and bacon.  I didn’t see veggies in my order, just the mushrooms, and I’m sure the bacon was what made Faye  switch hers with mine.

Their slogan of “The Greasier, the Better” is not for the faint of heart… literally, haha!

It’s a kind of a once-a-year treat because of its gazillion calories, fats and cholesterol. In fact, its market is mostly young people (and the restaurant was full of them), those who wouldn’t mind so much the calories that they take in because they still have faster metabolism and they can still burn it in  no time at all, haha! But other than that,  if you will just forget for a while those calories, and just enjoy your burgers, they are actually good, though all three of us weren’t able to finish our orders. We took home half of each of our burgers because they were really heavy (although Faye couldn’t resist it, she ate her half-burger as soon as we got home!).

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  1. I read about that place…Definitely Looks delicious but I am sure those calories are too high. Most important is that you have spent time with your family.
    God bless!

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