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Whenever there’s a newly-opened restaurant in SM Megamall, curiosity always kicks in, and you can expect to find lots of my officemates there, it’s like an extension of our cafeteria.  It’s no wonder that when my friends and I  had lunch, Sunnies Cafe was in our shortlist since it just recently opened.At first, we couldn’t decide on where to eat. I’m hopeless with suggestions when it comes to restaurants, I am always clueless and just rely on others to decide. This time though, because I’m back to blogging, I wanted a place I haven’t been to yet so that I can post about it in my blog, haha!

Sunnies Cafe is  a nice, cozy place. We were given a table in the corner which was quite small for the five of us, but it was fine, at least we didn’t have to raise our voices just to hear each other, quite conducive for small groups.

They have varied choices in their menu. We would have wanted to order their bone marrow meal but it wasn’t available. Lucky for me, I guess, because it wasn’t a healthy choice actually.

I’m not into pork but I still tried their Stovetop Pork Chops because it was highly recommended by their staff.  It looked half cooked and pale but it was good so I still consumed everything.

Stovetop Pork Chops (2-day brined chop, french beans, roasted marbled potatoes, scallion brown rice) P370

My friend ordered the Honey Garlic Crispy Chicken which she said was so oily. She even asked the staff what oil was used, haha! (That’s why she’s so slim!) Actually, even in this photo, the oil was so visible.

Honey Garlic Crispy Chicken (crispy chicken, pickled cucumber, cilantro lime rice). Php290

The Spicy Pomodoro (linguini, mixed seafood, anchovies, lemon, parsley) Php270

Crab Fat Rice Bowl (veggie omelette over crab fat fried rice) Php250. Next time I will definitely try this.

Though we’re officemates,  I think  our last lunch together was last year, so lunchbreak was not enough for us, lots of catching up to do, lots of stories, chismis, etc., LOL! I think we should do this more often so it wouldn’t take us almost 2 hours everytime, haha! Doing this quarterly would be better. So when’s our next? December, I hope 🙂

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  1. The spicy pomodoro caught my fancy. I think that would be delicious! I love anchovies. The crab fat rice bowl looks interesting to try. I hope we have a Sunnies Cafe nearby, but tough luck with that. I live thousands of miles away.

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