The Need to Exercise More


More than the proverbial excuse of not finding time to exercise,  I think self-discipline is what’s more important.  Personally, I can say that I have the time, that is, during lunch breaks.  I have the means and the accessibility to the gym facility, because, well, it’s right inside my office building.  So, why do I still find it difficult to keep my promise of exercising more?  Why does it seem like I have this love/hate relationship with the gym?  One day I’m so eager to spend my one hour lunch break there, and the next day, I’ll find all the Read More

Culminating Activity for Western Cuisine


Having a daughter in Culinary school has its perks.  You get to be invited to a culminating activity which happens towards the end of the semester.   And what is a culminating activity?  Well, it means, you get to experience being served by the students, showcasing what they’ve learned during the semester.  In this case, my daughter invited us to the culminating activity for her Western Cuisine course.  She told us that unlike her last year’s Introduction to Culinary,  where there was a program and where she even performed a cooking demo in front of the guests, this time, it Read More

Sarsa Kitchen + Bar


I’m not the kind of person who can give an immediate answer when I’m asked, “Let’s have lunch, can you suggest a good place?” I will give you a blank face, definitely.  So, when my friend, Marie, said we’ll have lunch at Sarsa Restaurant, I said, what’s that, and where is that?  She said it serves Filipino food, and she’s been craving for it and been wanting to visit the place. When we got there, it didn’t take long for the waiter to get our orders since Marie already knew what to get. Of course we had the Twice-Cooked Pork Read More