Inspiring Thoughts to Ponder on: 10 Things I Learned as a Mom


Is there really a perfect mom? Are moms allowed to be “bad moms”once in a while?  Is it okay to  not be 100% available for your kids all the time?  Are moms allowed to have some ME time once in a while? In my 23 years of being a  (working) mother, I have learned  a few things: 1. Being a mom is not a walk in the park, more so with being a working mom, though I really admire those who opted to stay full time with their kids. For me, they are so blessed to have experienced most if Read More

Zark’s Burgers 


We had an unscheduled day out with our youngest daughter, Faye. She didn’t go to school last Saturday because of headaches so we brought her to the doctor at Casa Medica in SM Southmall. We had her checked by an Internist who referred her to an Opthalmologist for possible error in refraction, and ENT for her allergic rhinitis. But prior to that, we encountered a slight problem with the nurses at Casa Medica because they were insisting that we go to a pediatrician since Faye is just 16 years old, who will then refer her, if needed, to a specialist. We Read More

Biking as a Couple


I think couples should have a common activity that they both enjoy, that’s what we did when we started biking about 3  years ago. I was very hesitant at first because I didn’t know how to bike — or I already forgot — because I think it was  in high school when I first rode a bike.  But just as he was patient with me when I first learned how to drive, he was just as patient in helping me regain my confidence in riding a bike. So, it only took us one weekend to practice, and immediately the following Read More

Inspiring Thoughts to Ponder On: On Marriage


You may have differences with your spouse, you may not talk to each other for a few days or even weeks, you may have a long-standing conflict that put a strain in your relationship,  but if God is present in your lives, everything will work out in the end. It may not be the results that you wanted, but it will definitely be according to God’s will for your marriage. It will then be up to the both of you if you want to follow God’s lead, but you are assured of one thing:  With God in the center of your Read More

Sunnies Cafe Megamall


Whenever there’s a newly-opened restaurant in SM Megamall, curiosity always kicks in, and you can expect to find lots of my officemates there, it’s like an extension of our cafeteria.  It’s no wonder that when my friends and I  had lunch, Sunnies Cafe was in our shortlist since it just recently opened.At first, we couldn’t decide on where to eat. I’m hopeless with suggestions when it comes to restaurants, I am always clueless and just rely on others to decide. This time though, because I’m back to blogging, I wanted a place I haven’t been to yet so that I Read More

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