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Mexican Food, it is!


Who doesn’t love Mexican food?  I’m sure most of the people do.  It’s filling, delicious, and can satisfy any palate.  For families who love to eat out, it’s always reassuring to know that you can easily find the best mexican restaurants in dallas.  This is what my cousins say.  Whenever we get the chance to chat, they couldn’t stop raving about the Mexican restaurants in las Colinas and even the Mexican restaurants in frisco tx.  So, I made them promise that when I finally have the resources to visit them, they should make it a point to bring me to Read More

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One for the Bucket List


I think throwing two Sagittarians together makes for a very adventurous couple. My husband and I love to travel, although due to financial constraints, we only get to visit some local destinations, and we’ve only been out of the country just once. It’s a good thing that the Philippines has lots of very nice places to explore, in fact, we didn’t even need to go abroad, we just want to experience different cultures, and that’s why exploring other countries is on our bucket list. We make it a point to go on a vacation once every year, just the two Read More