The Warm Bodies Movie Will Warm Your Heart


When you’re on “house arrest” a.k.a. sick leave, how would you spend your days?  Aside from sitting in front of the computer, surfing the Net, or reading ebooks on your cellphone,  I’m sure watching DVDs would also be on top of your list.  You’ve guessed it right! These are exactly the things that I’m doing right now. I’m sure some of you have heard or watched the movie Warm Bodies.  It was introduced to me by my kids (who else?), they’ve watched it already 2 weeks ago, and they’ve been telling me that it was a nice movie and they’ve Read More

Our Bohol Experience


  We went to Bohol last June 5 to 8.  It was a trip which we almost didn’t push through due to financial constraints.  That’s the problem with buying promo tickets which you wouldn’t get to use until one year after you bought them.  Something will come up which will cause you to have second thoughts in going through with it.  In our case, it was scheduled just 3 weeks after our Hong Kong trip.  The purchase of our Hong Kong tickets happened after I bought our Bohol tickets, but if I had bought the Hong Kong tickets first, there Read More

Earvin’s Graduation from College


I am making good with my promise to post the past events in my family, because more than anything else, I want to put on record the milestones in my kids’ lives, and blogging about them is one way of doing that.   I’m starting off with my son’s graduation from College last 3 April 2013.  Here’s a screenshot of my FB post on that day:   This post sums up what we (his Dad and I) felt on that day.  It was a mixed feeling of excitement, happiness, and anticipation for what lies ahead for him.  I know that Read More

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Revisiting my Blog


I haven’t posted any updates in my blog for almost two months now.  My last post was made in the hope that I can regain my momentum in writing, but unfortunately, it did not.  I was still too overwhelmed with all the family updates that I needed and wanted to post that I couldn’t get around to finally start doing it.  For 2013, I have a grand total of 6 posts!  So, what has been the problem?  I think it all started when our Internet connection at home went really and awfully slow.  We had to change into different services Read More

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Summer means cleaning time!


Summer vacation simply means kids should have more time to clean their rooms as well as do other chores like washing the dishes, mopping the floors, doing the laundry. There’s no room for excuses like, “But mommy, I have to finish my project!” or “But mommy, I want to wake up late during weekends!”. This weekend, my 3 kids had a nice bonding time cleaning their room. Believe it or not, the room that is shared by my two daughters are more cluttered than my son’s room. Yesterday, we had to do a major clean up of their room because Read More

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