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The Case of David Carlton


Last weekend, my daughter Faye told me that she needs to finish a homework in Science.  She was worried because she didn’t know where to start and she needed it by Monday.  She said she needs to write a one-page story and analyze it according to some scientific steps, like, Observe, Formulate a Question, etc.  I asked her to show me the lessons that they had regarding the topic.  She also told me that her teacher showed the class a sample detective story which was used to outline the scientific steps in analysis.   When I heard the word “detective”, I Read More

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How to Nurture Your Teen’s Spirit


Frustration may set in when your teenagers become argumentative.  Here are some suggestions that might help you keep your cool.  These tips surely helped me in some situations: Do not take the arguments as personal attacks.  Your teen may just be taking the opportunity to practice her reasoning skills. She may be trying to take in and understand a bigger reality outside of her immediate experiences. Make your values known, but don’t be pushy.  Communicating your values will help her understand where you’re coming from and will also help her form her own values. However, it is important to keep Read More

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Spa at Home


Are you pushed to your stress limit but you think that going on regular spa treatments can max out your budget? Here are simple do-it-yourself tips on how to bring the spa right at your home. It’s simple and easily accessible, but most of all it’s CHEAP! 1.  Find your comfort zone It is best to find that spot in your house where you could relax and no one could bother you. Whatever room in your house, may it be your bathroom or bedroom, it’s best that you prepare it way before. Keep it as dust-free as possible, put candles Read More

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How to Understand Better What Your Children are Trying to Say


The way you talk back to your kids when they talk back to you can make or break your relationship with them.  According to communication and child-care experts, it’s important to recognize that what your child is saying may not be the real message. You need to see negative or disrespectful statements as pleas for help. You should try to respond to the feelings behind the words and not the words themselves. Proper responses to those cries for help reflect the child’s feelings, let him or her know you care, and leave the door open to talk about it and Read More

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Some Practical Travel Tips


These tips will surely come in handy on your next trip, whether local or international: Wear clothes with extra large pockets where you can keep things which are of immediate use to you.  An additional safeguard is for you to put your travel documents in a pocket with buttons or zippers because it’s so easy to lose your passport from your shirt pocket when you bend to pick your luggage up. Be sure, though, that the pickpocket, whose special beat is the airport area, doesn’t help himself with the contents of your pockets. In spite of its potential dangers, using Read More

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