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Josephine’s Restaurant in Tagaytay


Two weekends ago, we wanted to spend some time together, just to maximize the short stay of  my husband with us.  We initially planned to visit some nearby resorts, but unfortunately, all of them were fully booked, so we ended up going to Tagaytay for lunch.  We haven’t eaten at Josephine’s Restaurant for a long time, so we thought of bringing the kids there.  I was surprised to see that they now have available tables outside, when I remember from years ago that it was just an open area in which people take advantage of the view of Taal Volcano Read More

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Sunday Reflections: How Do We Pray Correctly for People to Change?


  1.  Check your motives.  We might think that we only have the best interest of the person in mind, but we might be wrong.  We might have a different motive for wanting them to change. 2.  Sometimes the problems of other people may be about us.  God teaches us to wait — in prayer and in love — rather than to give up on the person.  Sometimes, it takes a problematic person to make us realize that there’s also something wrong with us.  We can’t always be correct.  We can’t always know more than other people.  We also need Read More

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Crabs in Oyster Sauce


When hubby got back from Davao for a week-long stay, he craved for crabs, so we bought some from the wet market near our place.  Since he cooks better than me, I told him that he should be the one to cook our lunch for that day.   Everybody in the family agreed that his recipe was the best!  In fact, even better than the one served in Davao when we tried the crabs buffet  at Glamour Restaurant.  Even my parents enjoyed it, unfortunately, my mother had an arthritis attack  a few hours after eating it, though, I’m not sure Read More

Every Child is Special: A Must-See Movie for the Family


Since last year, my family has enjoyed watching Bollywood movies.  We were introduced to these movies through the Sunday church service in which the speakers regularly feature inspiring scenes from selected movies.  After watching the 3 Idiots last year, and not just once, not twice, but I think more than five times, we were hooked.  Next was the movie My Name is Khan, which was also very entertaining and also has some lessons to impart to its viewers.  We also watched Ghajini which could touch anyone’s heart despite having a tragic storyline. The most recent one that we watched was Read More

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Frozen Durian, Anyone?


I love durian, though I prefer eating it frozen because it just tastes divine, just like ice cream.  And its partner that I couldn’t do without?  COKE!  It just doesn’t taste the same without Coke.  At home, only hubby and I enjoy eating it, our kids don’t like the smell much less the taste.  Hubby just got back from Davao, and aside from the 6.5 kilos of Pomelo that he brought home, I made sure that he didn’t forget to bring home 2 containers of frozen durian also. How about you? Do you like durian? Happy FOOD TRIP FRIDAY!

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