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Yet Another Update on Prudentialife Educational Plan


We finally got our reimbursement check from Prudentialife last 10 April.  We were actually expecting the worse until we finally got hold of the check.  Hubby even went to their office very early bracing himself for long queues and disgruntled planholders, but lo and behold, he was done by 9:20am, and he had good things to say about the system implemented by Prudentialife.  He said the release of checks was very systematic and orderly.  Oh well, that’s the least that they can do for the planholders who put their trust on them but whose funds they eventually mismanaged. Still, call Read More

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Congratulations on Your Graduation, Faye!


Another milestone for my youngest daughter, Faye, when she graduated from Grade School last 28 March. As what  her school had done in the past, the graduation ceremony was held in an open area which they call Lace Garden.  Though I would have preferred an indoor venue, I still couldn’t blame the school for always holding their graduation or first holy communion ceremonies in their Lace Garden.  The place is actually a nice venue, and the open skies with bright lights and cold breeze, contribute to the solemnity of the occasion.   The downside is that, in order to achieve Read More