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Happy Birthday, Earvin!


My son just turned 19!  Time really flies so fast.  His Dad and I are proud of how dedicated he is in his studies, and how focused he is in attaining his goal to be a doctor someday.   Although the course that he wants to pursue would be difficult: physically-, mentally- and financially-wise, we know that through prayers, God will be with him all the way, and that He will grant us all the financial resources we need to help our son realize his dream. Happy birthday, Earvin!   We know that despite and inspite of some distractions that came Read More

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Fried and Crispy Catfish


On our way back to our hotel after a half day spent in the Philippine Eagle Center in Davao, we had lunch at one of the restaurants we saw along the way, the Barlyn’s Ihaw-Ihaw. My husband has been telling us how good the Catfish — cooked in coconut milk — which he ate on his previous visit there, and though the restaurant that we happened to visit didn’t have it in their menu, we just tried their fried and crispy Catfish. I’m not sure if you’ll agree that it looks so appetizing, eh?  Although there wasn’t much special about Read More

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Durian Equals Davao


Unlike last 2009, when I first went to Davao — when I could smell Durian while walking on the streets, like a city air-freshener, LOL — there wasn’t much Durian in the streets when we went there last December 2011.   It was Izah’s first trip to Davao so although she hasn’t tried eating it (not in any form — not even the shake)  she really wanted to have a photo holding a Durian fruit. We almost didn’t have a chance and we almost forgot, until our last night there when we bought some Pomelo.  She saw the Durian fruit hanging Read More

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Durian Shake, Anyone?


During our recent trip to Davao, I told my husband that it wouldn’t be complete unless I get to drink Durian Shake again, so, we tried to go back to the restaurant where we first tasted it back in 2009, unfortunately, we didn’t find it.  I preferred not to go to the Mall, but since we couldn’t find the restaurant, we had no choice.  We went to Abreeza Mall just for that, though I was the only one who was craving for it,  Izah didn’t like it, she couldn’t stand the smell, much less the taste.  But me? it was Read More

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The Adventure of Charlie Hamilton


I’ve been meaning to share this story which my daughter, Faye, wrote last November 2011, but I was so busy that I didn’t find the time to do it, but at least, I was able to publish it in Triond and shared it in Facebook.  But let me just share with you my daughter’s journey as a writer.  This story was a requirement in one of her subjects in school.  When she first got her assignment, she asked me if I can help her come up with  a story.  I told her that she can start  on a theme, and Read More

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