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60kph Speed Limit Along Macapagal Boulevard


Do you live in the South? Do you happen to drive along Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard?  If you do, you must be aware of the  60kph speed limit imposed by the MMDA effective this month.   I must admit, I found it difficult at first to watch the speedometer and keep it at 60kph limit because I was used to driving there at 80kph minimum.   It happened, I think twice,  when coming from the Coastal Road,  I didn’t slow down even after reaching Macapagal Blvd, and then suddenly, I saw an MMDA officer on top of some sort of a scaffolding, scanning Read More

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The Time Traveller’s Wife


I have just finished reading this very interesting book which I borrowed from the Book Club in my office. It is a love story between two people, Henry and Clare, who met in a very unusual setting.   They met when Henry was thirty-six and Clare was six, and they got married when Clare was twenty-two and Henry was thirty.  Impossible but true because Henry suffers from a genetic disease in which he time travels involuntarily, and his genetic clock periodically resets and he finds himself pulled suddenly into his past or future.  He cannot prevent this from happening, and he Read More

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Steamed Tofu with Italian Rice


The cafeteria in my office has a wide variety of choices and first time visitors are always overwhelmed and impressed with the wide-array of food:  Vegetarian, Italian, Thai, Korean, Salad Bar, Breads, Fruits, Desserts, Sandwiches.  If you’re trying to lose weight, you wouldn’t have any problem because it’s really easy to go on a diet.   All you have to do is focus on the fruits, salad and vegetarian choices.  But still, there are times when I find it difficult to find the food that I like so I end up just eating sandwiches for lunch.  I guess it’s because I’ve Read More

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The Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart


During the church service that we attended last Sunday, the speaker shared with us the message of the  book written by Stu Weber: The Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart.  He made a very profound explanation of the contents of the book, and at the beginning he jokingly said that  all the wives who attended the gathering will thank him for presenting the four essentials of a man. According to Stu Weber, a man is designed by God: To provide as a Servant-King To protect as a Tender Warrior To teach as a Wise Mentor To connect as a Faithful Read More

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Still a Long Way to Go


My son, who’s on his 3rd year taking Medical Technology as his pre-med course had his first blood extraction practice two weeks ago.  He went home disappointed because he said he wasn’t successful in extracting blood from his classmate. I said he must have been nervous, but he said no, although he admitted that he wasn’t very confident while doing the procedure.  I just told him that he shouldn’t be so worried since it was just  the first time that he did it. Yesterday, he was so proud when he said that finally he was successful.  They were assisted by Read More

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