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Movietime with the Family


It’s summer in my part of the world, so, since the kids are also on vacation, it’s time for some family bonding, and what better way to do it than to be cozy and spend lots of time watching movies in the family room, horror and suspense films, anyone?  Although my husband and I don’t get time off from work beyond a three-day leave, we make sure that weekends are spent with our kids, and if we’re not going out, we just stay at home to watch our favorite movies, or play some movie trivia, although sometimes they find it Read More

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Faye is Eleven!


My youngest daughter, Faye, celebrated her 11th birthday last Tuesday. How time flies! And I’m still in denial… I keep telling her that it’s just her 10th birthday, I don’t want her to grow up so fast.  But, I don’t know what’s with kids nowadays, they always seem to want to grow up so fast.  I remember last year when she was really so excited because she said at last, her age will be double digit already.  That’s why I always tell her that for me, she’ll always be 10 years old… 🙂   We didn’t prepare much for her birthday, Read More