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I already have a juicer at home, which I bought  a year ago. Although its performance is good, it’s only limited to fruits and some solid vegetables, and I was only able to use it with carrots, I haven’t tried other fruits yet. It cannot extract juice from leafy vegetables, and we all know that a lot of nutrients can be found in green, leafy, vegetables.  Having a juicer is very beneficial for those who refuse to eat their greens because it’s easier to drink it in the form of juice.  When I did some research, I found out that a  slow juicer is a much better choice because it preserves the original nutrients and flavors of fruits and vegetables. So, I decided to buy a Matstone 6-in-one juicer.  I was so fascinated the first time I used it to extract juice from Malunggay (Moringa) leaves.  The juice was pure and fresh, and with all the nutrients intact because of its slow process.

Using my new Matstone juicer, I was able to make a combination of Malunggay, Lemon Grass, Carrots, and Pineapple juice.  It was good!  My husband also liked it. Though I haven’t convinced my kids yet to drink it, I’m sure one of these days, they’ll try it.


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  1. i’ve been thinking of getting a matstone juicer. saw this brand at shopwise. how’s your juicer now? any problems encountered so far?

    • Hi Anna, it’s been performing well ever since I bought it last year, haven’t encountered any problems yet 🙂 it’s really a nice juicer, and what I love most about it is it’s very easy to assemble and to clean, really saves time when you’re in a hurry in the morning and you still want to have a fresh juice. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. thanks for replying. i’m bent on getting one (i think it’s worth the investment). the philips juicer i got last year isn’t nice. every time i juiced, the pulp was very wet! sayang the nutrients. how’s the leftover pulp when using the matstone? what do you do with the pulp? when i was into juicing, i would mix the pulp with our scrambled eggs. walang sayang!

    • yes, it’s really worth the investment. My old juicer was also Philips but i couldn’t use it on leafy vegetables like malunggay, i just used it for carrots. for matstone there’s almost nothing left on the pulp which is good because it means that you get to drink all the nutrients and juice of the fruits and vegetables. With my Philips juicer, i use the pulp to make carrot cake which my kids love!

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