Choosing a Career

My daughter, Izah, is graduating this school year from High School, and at this early, we have been asking her on the course that she wants to take for college. When she was in third year, she has been considering several courses, but now, I think she has narrowed it down to at least two.   It helped that their school conducted career orientation seminars, in which, the students were briefed on the courses being offered in various colleges and universities.  They were also given bird’s eye view of the career path of each course that they are considering.  

At home, she has shown keen interest in cooking, so, there was a time when she was thinking of taking culinary arts for college.  I think the demo done by some culinary schools during the career orientation seminars in her school fueled that interest.  She got fascinated with the tools, particularly the Cream dispenser, that were used by chefs in coming up with simple dishes. I still remember the time when she went home from one of those seminars, she gave me a brochure which showed the tools that she can get to play with once she becomes a chef, and one of those was the Soda siphon, which amazed her to no end, and admittedly, I got curious with it also.   

We always tell her that we will support whatever course she wants to pursue, for as long as she will put her heart and full attention to it.  We tell her that it’s not enough that she has passion for it at the moment, because whatever course she’s going to choose, should be a lifetime commitment on her part.  I think she has internalized what we told her. We helped her in identifying her strengths because that could be the foundation of the lifelong career that she’s going to have.  She’s good in numbers, I think her brain is rewired differently when it comes to Math.  So, that’s what we pointed out to her, hoping that from there, she can decide on the course that she’s going to take, and I think it helped her, because she has now decided that she’s going to take an IT course. So, right now, we are busy scouting for good schools which offer IT courses, I just hope  and pray that she sustains that interest.


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