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The Health Benefits of Mangosteen


We just recently discovered that Faye loves Mangosteen when we brought home a kilo of this from Divisoria.  So, when my husband went to Davao last Monday, he brought home 5 kilos of Mangosteen!  Faye was so excited when her Dad texted and told her that he bought lots of Mangosteen for her.  We also learned of the many health benefits of eating this fruit. I didn’t know about it until I Googled it and learned that it is proven to be:  (i) anti-cancer, (ii) anti-viral, (iii) good for the heart, (iv)  prevents skin rashes, skin infections, wounds, (v) prevents/cures Read More

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My St. Luke’s Global City Experience


As per my doctor’s request, I had my 2D echo, 24-hour holter monitor and SA ECG (signal-averaged ECG) tests last weekend.  I’ve had these tests already in 2008 (except for the SA ECG), and the doctor just wanted to have the latest results since these will be his  basis for the management of my arrhythmia.   To make my experience a little bit more comfortable, we decided to try St. Luke’s Global City, since my cardiologist is from St. Luke’s Quezon City, and he’s also going to have his clinic soon in Global.  When you enter the lobby, it’s like you’re Read More

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A Visit to an Electrophysiologist


Last Wednesday, I finally consulted the Electrophysiologist referred to me by my cardiologist.  He was a nice and very thorough doctor.  He asked me about all the details of the history of my heart arrhythmia.  He also thoroughly reviewed all the test results that I brought with me: the treadmill stress test from my annual physical exam in the office, the nuclear heart scan, the thyroid function test results. He also discussed the other treatment options for arrhythmia which is called cardiac ablation. When I asked him about the risks, he was honest enough to admit that there are lots of risks Read More

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A Wonderful Way to Unwind


After spending long hours in the office or at home doing some house works, it would be nice to spend 2 or 3 hours of your weekend in a spa.  Busy moms deserve to be pampered once in a while or much better if you can do it on a regular basis.   There are lots of salons available but for moms who usually feel guilty about spending something for themselves, it would help a lot if you can find the best deals when it comes to salon and spa.  Finding the best salon is very easy once you know where Read More

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Tawa-Tawa Plant Cure for Dengue?


I was listening to the radio the other day when I heard this interview with Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan, who, when I Googled his name, was the Philippines’ foremost herbalist and the former Secretary of the Department of Health.  He shared about the wonderful effect of drinking the Tawa-Tawa tea to those suffering from dengue.  It can increase the platelet count and the patient will feel tremendous improvement in just 24 hours. All you need to do is boil 5 to 6 whole Tawa-Tawa plant for one minute.  After cooling, let the patient drink 1 glass and continue giving it Read More

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