A Milo Swimming Certificate, Finally!!!


It’s never too late for Faye.  Every year, every summer, we always try to convince her to attend formal swimming lessons, but she kept on saying she didn’t need it because she knows how to swim already (very basic, courtesy of her Tito Edmund), although I know that her primary reason was, she didn’t want to be exposed to too much heat.  There was even one summer when we tried to look for a covered pool but we couldn’t find any that was within our vicinity, so more summer vacations have passed and she still didn’t have her formal swimming Read More

Our Bohol Experience


  We went to Bohol last June 5 to 8.  It was a trip which we almost didn’t push through due to financial constraints.  That’s the problem with buying promo tickets which you wouldn’t get to use until one year after you bought them.  Something will come up which will cause you to have second thoughts in going through with it.  In our case, it was scheduled just 3 weeks after our Hong Kong trip.  The purchase of our Hong Kong tickets happened after I bought our Bohol tickets, but if I had bought the Hong Kong tickets first, there Read More

Earvin’s Graduation from College


I am making good with my promise to post the past events in my family, because more than anything else, I want to put on record the milestones in my kids’ lives, and blogging about them is one way of doing that.   I’m starting off with my son’s graduation from College last 3 April 2013.  Here’s a screenshot of my FB post on that day:   This post sums up what we (his Dad and I) felt on that day.  It was a mixed feeling of excitement, happiness, and anticipation for what lies ahead for him.  I know that Read More

Amici’s Buy 1 Take 1 Gelato


Sorry but this is a loooooong overdue post.  It’s been in my draft folder for ages.  I’m way, way behind in my blogging, my bad. I so love ice cream, that’s why when I learned that Amici will be having it’s buy 1 take 1 promo last 28 and 29 July, I was so excited and told hubby that we should go there and treat us for dinner.  So, we went to Amici in Alabang Town Center and before we settled in our seats, I confirmed first with the staff if they were really having a promo for their gelato. Read More

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Weekend at EDSA Shangri-La


I had a nice bonding time with my 2 kids last weekend at EDSA Shangri-La.  Though there were only 3 of us (hubby was still in Davao and Izah was with her cousins), we still had fun.  We didn’t really do anything except to go for a swim and watch TV, and since we don’t subscribe to Cable TV at home, Faye took advantage and watched cartoons and the finale of the American Idol (which, by the way, I’m sure she had watched dozens of times!).  I had to remind her that we didn’t go there to watch TV but Read More

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