Indonyaki and the Nook Cafe at Maginhawa Street


We wanted to spend more family time together and didn’t want to go home yet after our visit to the cemetery, and since Egay said he wasn’t satisfied with our lunch at Bagnet Magnet, I suggested that we go to Maginhawa St. in Quezon City. That’s our “go to” place when we want to unwind a little bit and enjoy some good food.  There are lots of dining restaurants to explore in that area and our plans of trying all of it would be next to impossible because it seems like everyday more and more are sprouting like mushrooms. We depend Read More

Bagnet Magnet in Greenbelt


Sundays are best spent with the family. That’s what we do because  we attend church services in Greenbelt 1 every week. But with this weekly get-together comes the need to decide onwhere to eat because we coudn’t just eat anywhere since we’re a big group. Over the years, we have been regular customers of KFC, Gilligan’s, Bonchon, Max’s, Tokyo Tokyo, World Chicken, Mc Donalds, Wendy’s, Jollibee, which are all located in Greenbelt 1. But regularly rotating these restaurants sometimes makes us wish that there are more choices. So, when we had lunch at Gilligan’s for the nth time and the kids saw Read More

Must-try at Mega Food Hall


Although my office is just beside SM Megamall, I don’t really go there regularly, so I’m not familiar with the restaurants there. So, as expected, when the new wing was opened, the Fashion Hall, with all the new restaurants and other establishments, the more that I got lost. When I had lunch with a friend and she asked if I wanted to eat in the new food court located on the 5th floor of the Fashion Hall, I was surprised because the only foodcourt that I was aware of was the one in the basement.  From that first time, I Read More

Culminating Activity for Western Cuisine


Having a daughter in Culinary school has its perks.  You get to be invited to a culminating activity which happens towards the end of the semester.   And what is a culminating activity?  Well, it means, you get to experience being served by the students, showcasing what they’ve learned during the semester.  In this case, my daughter invited us to the culminating activity for her Western Cuisine course.  She told us that unlike her last year’s Introduction to Culinary,  where there was a program and where she even performed a cooking demo in front of the guests, this time, it Read More

Why would anyone love to visit Davao more often?


Why would somebody who’ve been to Davao a lot of times would still look forward to the next visit, which, if at all possible, would be in the immediate future, like, the following month after the most recent visit? Why is a visit to Davao never enough and staying longer would be very tempting if not for some constraints? In my own experience, whenever I have the chance to go to Davao with my husband or with the whole family, there’s always a wishful thinking that: 1.  if only my own town/province  is like this; 2.  if only I feel Read More

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