Who doesn’t love chocolate brownies?

Is it safe to say that anyone who loves chocolates, also loves brownies?  In my opinion, yes, but it still depends on the type of brownies.

I have been experimenting on different recipes for brownies. I want my brownies to have cracks on top, I want them fudgy and moist,  I want them chewy. I don’t want cakey brownies because I guess if I liked them cakey, I might as well just bake a cake or cupcake. For me, it’s not brownies if it’s not fudgy, chewy and moist.

So what to do in order to achieve all these? Of course, I had to try various recipes and read on all those helpful information about brownies. There are a lot, mind you. I didn’t know that one could even write an entire blog or website dedicated to brownies. With all these experiments, the happy people are my family and officemates because  they get to enjoy all the experimental baked goodies that come out of my oven.

The cracks on top, I got them. But of course, at first, I didn’t. It was a hit and miss. I read in a blog  that to get that crackly top, all I had to do was to cream the sugar and butter by vigorous whisking in my stand mixer. It was a success the first time I did it. But a complete failure the next time I baked, using the same recipe and following the same instructions. So where did I go wrong? I read again some blogs of trusted chefs, and that’s how I finally got those crackly tops, consistently. It wasn’t just a one time success.

The secret was in melting the butter and sugar in a pan on top of boiling water, not direct heat, so that you wouldn’t burn the butter. Add and melt also the chocolates. Let it cool for a few minutes and then add the dry ingredients. The result would be gorgeous brownies just the way I like them: fudgy, chewy, moist with cracks on top.

And since these brownies are so rich, a 1×1 square slice should  be enough. That is, if you can control yourself 🙂

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