What Else To Discover in Max’s Restaurant?

I’ve been actively blogging for the past 2 weeks so I told Egay that we should eat somewhere that we haven’t tried yet, so that I can post a review about it, LOL! So last Friday, we were looking for a place to eat in SM Megamall, but we couldn’t decide where, then Egay said he was craving for the sizzling tofu in Max’s.  I was like, “What’s to blog about Max’s?” because haven’t we been dining there countless of times?

For me, Max’s is synonymous to chicken, what else?  But then, I found out, there’s more to Max’s than the chicken. Like this Sizzling Tofu. I’m not really a fan of tofu, but I actually liked this.

I didn’t even know that there’s Pinakbet in their menu.

Then of course, it wasn’t Max’s if we didn’t have the  chicken.

And for dessert, we ordered my favorite Pandan with Macapuno.

So, there’s really more to discover in any restaurant, no matter how many times you’ve been there. You just have to look at their menu with fresh eyes, and who knows, you might discover your next favorite dish which will make you go back again and again.

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