My Experimental Choco Chips

My youngest daughter, Faye, has been requesting me to bake her favorite chocolate chips cookies. I was supposed to bake last Saturday but we ran out of gas, so no chance of using the oven. Then the next day, Sunday, we were out the whole day, and got home very late.

I asked her if she wants me to add cream cheese in her cookies, but she said no. She didn’t want me to experiment lest she won’t like the outcome. Little did she know that I also ended up experimenting on the actual recipe that I used 🙂

I didn’t use my tried and tested recipe for choco chips, instead, I searched Pinterest for chewy choco chips recipe. It was my first time to use melted butter in cookies so I think that’s where I got it wrong. The recipe called for 3/4 cup butter, melted. I read somewhere that the way an ingredient is worded matters very much in baking. In this case, the word “melted” comes after the measurement of “3/4 cup butter”. So, I measured the butter first, then  I melted it. I didn’t measure anymore if it still comes to 3/4 cup, after it was melted, which on hindsight, actually looked more than 3/4 cup.  The outcome was, the dough was so soft, I doubted if it will keep its shape once I roll it for baking. And guess what I did? I broke one golden rule in baking, that is,”don’t mess with the ingredients, stick to the list because each one of them contributes and has an effect on the other”.

I added 1/2 cup all purpose flour to the dough. I then put it in the chiller to set.

The outcome was these fully set cookies. They were “cakey” which of course was due to the 1/2 cup APF that I added to the ingredients. It wasn’t chewy at all as what its name says.

Now, I’m wondering what could have been the outcome if I didn’t add more APF and just put the soft dough in the chiller to set.  I guess I wouldn’t know because I don’t intend to use this recipe again.

I’m not sure if Faye will agree, though, because she really loved these cookies. She said they were so good, the taste was just the way she liked it and she said it was so close to what her ate Izah baked when we went to Palawan (unfortunately Izah couldn’t remember anymore the recipe that she used), which has been her benchmark for choco chips.

I think, as a Mom, at the end of the day, what’s more important is you took time out from your busy schedule to do things for your kids and being appreciated by simply hearing that they loved what you did for them, that’s priceless.

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    • Customized oven sis. Dapat talaga pag-aralan yung temperature ng oven, and mas ok kung meron kang thermostat sa loob para mas accurate.

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