Must-try at Mega Food Hall

Although my office is just beside SM Megamall, I don’t really go there regularly, so I’m not familiar with the restaurants there. So, as expected, when the new wing was opened, the Fashion Hall, with all the new restaurants and other establishments, the more that I got lost. When I had lunch with a friend and she asked if I wanted to eat in the new food court located on the 5th floor of the Fashion Hall, I was surprised because the only foodcourt that I was aware of was the one in the basement.  From that first time, I have since went back to that foodcourt twice or thrice already.

Last Sunday, we went there with the kids. They are more adventurous when it comes to food, especially Earvin. He wanted to try the Halal Guys so that’s where he and Izah ordered their food.
I was trying to convince them to try the chicken wings at Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings, but they didn’t want it, I think they found it boring, like, “chicken again?”

This was the platter from the Halal Guys, which Earvin found quite expensive for its serving size. They also couldn’t forget until now the sauce which was so spicy, that they couldn’t even describe it.

Faye went for the baconwrapped hotdog, chicken ball, chicken skin at YakitoreOne. She said it was good, though she didn’t eat the chicken skin.

Egay went for the burritos at Tex Mex. He knew that I’m not so fond of burritos. I tend to always associate all the burritos with those from Mexicali which have beans that I really don’t like.

After everyone has ordered their food, I still couldn’t decide on what to eat. I tend to always gravitate towards the chicken at Frankie’s but I know I should try something else, like the waffles, but I found the price unreasonable.  So, in the end, I still went for my other tried and tested favorite, the beef salpicao at SP Steaks and Paella, which at P210 was very much worth it because of the big serving.

We plan to try the other food choices and maybe on our next visit I can convince the kids to try the chicken wings at Frankie’s 🙂

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  1. Oh that looks yum! Stressful lang minsan pumunta sa megamall since I live in South tapos ang hirap pa ng parking. Pero promising ang Mega Food Hall. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Kids are choosy as far as the foods they want to eat. My wife and I always go for a date every time I receive my monthly salary. And it is also our practice to bring with us our 3 grandchildren. We let them order for the foods and the drinks they want to. We always find it hard to adjust with them. We don’t understand why they don’t like the foods, though, they look too delicious.

  3. It has been a long time since I visited Megamall, I think last year pa ata. I heard Halal guys are popular in other countries. I guess I have to ask hubby to bring me there just to try them. It looks good!

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