Inspiring Thoughts to Ponder On: On Marriage

Inspiring Thoughts

You may have differences with your spouse, you may not talk to each other for a few days or even weeks, you may have a long-standing conflict that put a strain in your relationship,  but if God is present in your lives, everything will work out in the end. It may not be the results that you wanted, but it will definitely be according to God’s will for your marriage. It will then be up to the both of you if you want to follow God’s lead, but you are assured of one thing:  With God in the center of your marriage, you can survive any trials that you will encounter in your journey as a couple.

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  1. Being married is a wonderful thing. It actually depends on the person who views marriage aside from being with the person he/she loves. It entails a lot of compassion, commitment (for the long haul), patience, and understanding of each other’s differences. It’s more than love actually.

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