Indonyaki and the Nook Cafe at Maginhawa Street

We wanted to spend more family time together and didn’t want to go home yet after our visit to the cemetery, and since Egay said he wasn’t satisfied with our lunch at Bagnet Magnet, I suggested that we go to Maginhawa St. in Quezon City. That’s our “go to” place when we want to unwind a little bit and enjoy some good food.  There are lots of dining restaurants to explore in that area and our plans of trying all of it would be next to impossible because it seems like everyday more and more are sprouting like mushrooms.

We depend on Earvin in finding the nice restaurants around the area. And by “nice”, it means good food at reasonable price. There are so many restaurants to choose from that it’s easy to be overwhelmed if you don’t know what to look for.

While we were slowly cruising along Maginhawa St., constantly asking Earvin if he had seen anything good, he suggested this restaurant, Indonyaki, Indonesian Asian Cuisine.

It’s an Indonesian  Restaurant which, according to Earvin was just located outside, by the street, when it first opened. It was so pupular and always full that it has since moved to the 2nd floor of the building in front of its old location, but it has maintained it’s nice ambiance.

There were just very few tables inside the restaurant, it was very simple and small, but the customers never stopped coming.  The menu is simple, not too much choices, which actually makes it easier to decide on what to order since I’m not too familiar with Indonesian  food.

Wherever we go, whatever restaurant we visit, we always order chicken, in whatever form. This time, we ordered the  Ayam  Goreng  Regular, which was almost covered with that crunchy brown breadings   that the chicken was  almost unidentifiable in the photo. I later asked what it was because I wanted to bring it home for Pepper. The staff said it was just deep fried breadings.

We also ordered the Ikan Pepes fillet of fish in coconut milk topped with Indonyaki sauces which turned out to be spicy. It wasn’t too spicy though, in fact, I still enjoyed it which seldom happens when I eat spicy foods.

We also ordered the Beef Indonyaki, the Indonesian version of caldereta.

For dessert, we had the Mango Gulaman which looked delicious on the posters,  and no, it didn’t disappoint, it was really good, maybe partly because we really love mangoes.

We only had three dishes but they were more than enough for the six of us. Everyone was happy,  hunger was satisfied, disappointment from our lunch was appeased.

I didn’t bring home to Pepper the breadings, though, because I didn’t think deep fried food was good for him, though I’m sure he wouldn’t mind, haha!

We were looking for some other place to cap the night, when we saw the Harry Potter-themed little cafe, the Nook.

Faye got excited and she said she wanted to try the butterbeer.  The place was really small,  they have a small loft which was also full, so we just stayed outside, and besides we were there only for the butterbeer.

The verdict?

It was soooo sweet! It was like maple syrup. Nothing really special about it 🙂 Cravings satisfied, though, but never again, according to Faye, haha!

Another Sunday spent with the family. On to the next dining experience…. where to next?

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