Bagnet Magnet in Greenbelt

Sundays are best spent with the family. That’s what we do because  we attend church services in Greenbelt 1 every week. But with this weekly get-together comes the need to decide onwhere to eat because we coudn’t just eat anywhere since we’re a big group. Over the years, we have been regular customers of KFC, Gilligan’s, Bonchon, Max’s, Tokyo Tokyo, World Chicken, Mc Donalds, Wendy’s, Jollibee, which are all located in Greenbelt 1. But regularly rotating these restaurants sometimes makes us wish that there are more choices. So, when we had lunch at Gilligan’s for the nth time and the kids saw this new restaurant, Bagnet Magnet, they suggested that we try it the following week.

I was hesitant at first because I’m not so fond of bagnet, and Earvin said the serving was so small, and was not worthy of the price. All their meals are priced at Php168, with rice and soup. He said he will just buy his food from the nearby Henlin. But then, Izah wanted to buy chicken meal from Jollibee, so we just decided to order all of our meals here since it wouldn’t be nice to take in too much food from outside.

Earvin asked the waiter first on the ingredients of this dinuguan, who assured him that  they don’t include internal organs but instead they just add bagnet bits.

Phoebe opted for a healthier choice, the Boneless Bangus Steak. No bagnet for her… boring, haha! 🙂

As expected, Faye ordered a one piece chicken meal. She’s the least adventurous when it comes to food among my kids. She always goes for the conventional meals and those that she’s assured she would like, and chicken is always on the top of her list.

I really didn’t want to order anything so I suggested to Egay that we just share the Kare-kare Bagnet Meal. I just ordered their pinakbet as an additional dish, which I happened to like very much that I just ate one piece of the bagnet as an afterthought that maybe I should at least taste it. As Earvin said, this kare-kare meal was a “masabi lang na kare-kare”, because as you can see in the photo, it was all sauce, with 2 slices of eggplant and pechay leaves, with bagoong on the side, simply the necessary ingredients to make you say, “Oh, it’s a a kare-kare.”

In the end, it was more like a “let’s-just-order-here-since-we’re-here-already” kind of lunch. Don’t get me wrong though, because the meals that we ordered were all good. It was just that for us, each meal was overpriced because of the serving size, that you’re still somewhat hungry even after you’ve finished your meal.

But then, I think, one other thing that I can say about them is their good service. The staff were very attentive and very accommodating. One of them, I think it was the manager, even gave Izah a plate, spoon and fork when he saw that she had a take-out food from Jollibee. I’m just not sure if he will still be that accommodating if Earvin also didn’t order and just brought in a take out food from Henlin, hahaha!

I’m still not sure if the rest of my family would want to add this restaurant to our roster of Sunday restaurants, let’s see 🙂  I hope not, hahaha!

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