The Need to Exercise More


More than the proverbial excuse of not finding time to exercise,  I think self-discipline is what’s more important.  Personally, I can say that I have the time, that is, during lunch breaks.  I have the means and the accessibility to the gym facility, because, well, it’s right inside my office building.  So, why do I still find it difficult to keep my promise of exercising more?  Why does it seem like I have this love/hate relationship with the gym?  One day I’m so eager to spend my one hour lunch break there, and the next day, I’ll find all the excuses in the world just so I won’t be able to do even a 30-minute cardio exercise.

It seems my lack of motivation stems from my belief that two years ago, I lost weight just by following a strict diet, without going to the gym.  I don’t remember  going to the gym during lunch breaks, but instead, I regularly went to a Nutrition Club near my office.  I didn’t go to the gym but I had this almost weekly bike ride for 1 to 2 hours.  I’m sure those bike rides helped me a lot in losing some excess weight.   So, why not do these things again now?  Why not go to the gym regularly if those weekly bike rides are not possible right now?  It will again go back to self-discipline.  I guess I will have to force myself to do this now.  I have to think of other ways to help me look forward to spending my lunch hour at the gym.  Why not try boxing instead?  Been wanting to do this for the longest time, so I think I should try it this week.

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