Sarsa Kitchen + Bar

I’m not the kind of person who can give an immediate answer when I’m asked, “Let’s have lunch, can you suggest a good place?” I will give you a blank face, definitely.  So, when my friend, Marie, said we’ll have lunch at Sarsa Restaurant, I said, what’s that, and where is that?  She said it serves Filipino food, and she’s been craving for it and been wanting to visit the place.

When we got there, it didn’t take long for the waiter to get our orders since Marie already knew what to get.


Of course we had the Twice-Cooked Pork Belly, which was really good, but I liked the Laing more, although it was a little bit salty.  We also paired these with the Ginamos Fried Rice.  Honestly, 1 cup wasn’t enough, I just had to control myself from ordering again.




My final verdict? Although I must say you can never go wrong with choosing a restaurant that offers Filipino food, despite the sprouting of several restaurants which offer different kinds of cuisine, it was a good dining experience.  The food was great, the restaurant was nice, the staff was prompt and courteous, and he even knew how to get a good angle when I asked him to take our photo, so that’s additional points for him, haha!


In the end, it’s still good company that makes eating out a nice experience,

and capping it with our all-time favorite, Caramia Ice Cream. 

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