Culminating Activity for Western Cuisine


Having a daughter in Culinary school has its perks.  You get to be invited to a culminating activity which happens towards the end of the semester.   And what is a culminating activity?  Well, it means, you get to experience being served by the students, showcasing what they’ve learned during the semester.  In this case, my daughter invited us to the culminating activity for her Western Cuisine course.  She told us that unlike her last year’s Introduction to Culinary,  where there was a program and where she even performed a cooking demo in front of the guests, this time, it was just a full course dinner.  The schedule had a conflict with her dad’s official business trip to Davao and although he was supposed to arrive a few hours before the dinner was to start, I told her that she shouldn’t expect that her dad will be able to make it on time because of the unpredictable flight schedules of the airlines.  But still, surprise!  He made it, and he went straight from the airport to Izah’s school just in time when the dinner was about to be served.

The Menu

Nicoise Salad
We got confused here because it was under the Soup category in the menu and obviously it didn’t look like soup, because, well, aren’t soup supposed to be liquid stuff?  I kept asking the student/server how come it was classified as soup.  She couldn’t give a concrete answer except to say that, yes, according to the kitchen crew, it’s a soup, as indicated in the menu card.  Oh well, I thought to myself, “I have to ask Izah about that because she’s assigned to the kitchen”.  Izah said later that it was a mistake.   It was supposed to be an Appetizer, and she didn’t know why it was placed under the Soup category.  



Quiche Lorraine


Grilled Bratwurst with German Potato Salad



Spaghetti alle Vongole

Major comment – Very spicy,  Egay wasn’t able to finish it.


Bolognese Pasta

Izah made sure that I ordered this because she knew that I didn’t like spicy foods.



Risotto with Greek Roasted Chicken


Chicken Fricassee with Potato Gratin

Sorry about the appearance,  Egay had started eating and I almost forgot to take a photo of this dish.


Desserts were done by Izah and they were both good, unfortunately, no second serving was allowed.



They were actually crepes, with a glamorous name, LOL!


Chocolate Truffle:

Although the truffles were rock hard (because according to Izah, they were unintentionally put in the freezer instead of just the chiller), they were good.  I let them sit for a while at room temperature before eating them.

After the dinner, we were asked to give our ratings for the entire event.  In general, it was a successful event.  The food was great, except for the very spicy pasta and the very thick garlic soup.  The student who served on our table was good, just a little bit nervous, I think, which was normal, but she was able to answer our queries on the content of each course and even volunteered additional information.  For the overall set-up — it may be because it was their color theme that the red color was very prominent all around the room — but I think,  the serving staff’s outfit should have been of a different color, to cut the monotony of the striking red.

But then again, overall, we considered the event successful.  I’m sure they had a good teamwork which made it a success.  Till your next culminating activity, Izah, looking forward to more good food!  Keep up the good work!


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  1. Ang ganda ng presentation…. plating ba tawag dun? Everything looks #masarap 🙂 of all the dishesI want to taste the Blini 🙂

  2. Nice to know about the culminating activity, at least you were able to try the foods that they have learned. Good thing your husband was able to make it.

  3. This is something culinary arts students look forward to. I think I’ve been to one of these in our college. One of my HRA friends invited me to come. Congrats to your daughter for a job well done.

  4. So nice and the food looks yummy. My son sometimes tell me he wanted to be a chef. But he always changes his mind naman kasi, he’s just 6 e. Haha. Anyway, my husband wants to study culinary arts. Wala lang syang oras because of work. Congratulations to your daughter by the way.

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