Earvin’s Graduation from College

I am making good with my promise to post the past events in my family, because more than anything else, I want to put on record the milestones in my kids’ lives, and blogging about them is one way of doing that.   I’m starting off with my son’s graduation from College last 3 April 2013.  Here’s a screenshot of my FB post on that day:


This post sums up what we (his Dad and I) felt on that day.  It was a mixed feeling of excitement, happiness, and anticipation for what lies ahead for him.  I know that he is focused in his dream of becoming a doctor someday and his Dad and I are here to support that dream.

His graduation was held at the PICC.  The schedule was strictly followed and we appreciated the well laid out programme of the ceremony.  The guest of honor was Dr. Gaerlan Inciong, also an alumni of the school.  He gave an inspirational talk for the graduates and I think he caught their attention when he said that he wasn’t able to attend the graduation ceremony because he was prevented by the school authorities to do so.  He was a scholar but he did something which was against the school policies that was why he was barred from attending the graduation ceremony.  The parents were also moved with what he shared, with the way he turned his life around and eventually finishing medical school with flying colors.



To celebrate his graduation, we had dinner at Cabalen Restaurant in Mall of Asia with the rest of the family.

At the end of the day, we knew that he was happy, but we also knew that deep in his heart he still felt that his journey has just started.  He still has to pass his board exams and he still has to go to Medical School.  Still a long journey ahead of him, but his Dad and I know that for as long as he remains focused in what he wants to achieve in his life, everything will fall into place just the way he wants it.

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  1. Congrats sa iyo sis, ako next year March yehey may graduate na din.

    Malamang mauuna pa akong maiyak sa anak ko kasi I was not able to march nung time na nag graduate ako….

    Sarap maging proud parents…

    Good luck kay Earvin sa kanyang review at job hunting

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