One for the Bucket List

I think throwing two Sagittarians together makes for a very adventurous couple. My husband and I love to travel, although due to financial constraints, we only get to visit some local destinations, and we’ve only been out of the country just once. It’s a good thing that the Philippines has lots of very nice places to explore, in fact, we didn’t even need to go abroad, we just want to experience different cultures, and that’s why exploring other countries is on our bucket list.

We make it a point to go on a vacation once every year, just the two of us, sans the kids, and we schedule it around the time of our wedding anniversary. We both believe that this is very important in our married life, because we get to unwind, relax and just forget about the everyday worries of domestic life, even for just a few days. We always feel refreshed every time we go back to our home. We’ve also had family trips with the kids ever since they were young, and we all know how it can be challenging to travel with toddlers, because yes, we did that! We even took a 12 hour boat ride with our 3 kids, the youngest being 1 year and 6 months, and we survived it, feeding bottles, diapers and all.

Now that they are older, we look forward to the time when we can have grand vacations outside the country, like New Zealand and Australia. My kids want to visit the place where the Lord of the Rings was filmed, yes, they are excited about that. Now, whenever I see posts about the beauty of these countries, I get more inspired when I visit various blogs and websites like because I get to see products here that I’m sure my family will enjoy. With various airlines in the Philippines offering fare discounts, I hope that we can scratch this off our bucket list sooner than we planned. Eyton has some intriguing information for any traveller at heart, and is so worth checking out. If you have the money to travel, why not go here and make some immediate plans! Wish I could do the same.

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