The Downside of Digital Photography

Photography is one of my hobbies that I want to cultivate more. I have been reading tutorials on proper techniques, but then of course, I cannot say that I have learned from those tutorials unless I apply them in actual practice, and unfortunately, lately, I haven’t had opportunities to use them because I haven’t been joining the out of town trips with the camera club which I have been a member of for several years now. Though I haven’t joined these out of town trips, I still practice photography in my everyday life. I never fail to bring my camera with me whenever I have family gatherings and activities. That’s the time when I go trigger-happy and just take lots and lots of photos of my kids and other family members. But then, after every family gathering, what’s next is the task of downloading hundreds of photos, sorting them, and then basically forgetting about them, while they sit inside my hard drive. That’s the problem with digital age, photos nowadays have the equivalent of accumulating dust in the shelves as in the old days, but in a different way, that is, “accumulating dust” inside the CD, hard disk, flash drive, or wherever we save our digital files.

Just recently, I found a solution to this problem. I ordered a custom poster for my family photos so that we can enjoy looking at them around the house and see how my kids have grown over the years. I found a great site for this! Check out their custom poster found in this online store, which provide lots of ideas and options to choose from. I leave the creativity on their side, and all I have to do is upload my chosen photos and the rest is up to them. Since then, my parents have been happy because they were the ones complaining that they haven’t seen any of the family photos that I took every Christmas.

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