Latest Update on Prudentialife Educational Plan

Since June, I’ve been regularly calling up the office of the Conservator for Prudential Life, and I appreciate the assistance of their staff who gave me updates on the status of the case.  She was very accommodating every time I gave her a call.   Last Thursday,  I was lucky because when I called up to check for any news,  I was told that the case is now on Receivership status and that I could already file my claim at the Prudential Head Office in Makati.  I was advised to file my documents the next day because the announcement was supposed to be posted in the Insurance Commission website today, 8 October.  So, I immediately prepared the needed documents, just like what I did last November 2011 when I requested for reimbursement. My husband was able to file the documents last Friday, and according to the staff of Prudential, we can expect our check within 30 days.  That’s good news for us, though, we’re not expecting it to be a big amount because my husband was told that the amount that they will release will be just the 25% of the total expected amount of the plan.  The balance will be given after the liquidation of the assets of the company.   They also couldn’t give the actual computation, so, in my case, I cannot even expect that I’ll receive the actual 25% of my son’s tuition fee for the 1st and 2nd semester of this school year.   But still, at least there’s some development, and that’s good enough for me… for now.

To those of you who visit my blog to get updates on Prudential, I suggest that you submit your documents to their head office in Makati.  You have until the end of October to do that.  The issuance of check will be on a first-come first-served basis, and I’m sure, by this time, there will be a long queue already. My husband submitted our documents last Friday and yet he was already No. 16 in the list.

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  1. It’s really sad what happened, and sadder still that it’s the plan holders like you who have to be inconvenienced just to get your money back. Hope everything is settled soon.

  2. I hear this one from the news that they are already given a month to provide billions of pesos for their plan holders in order to give them continous permit to operate.
    This is one of the reason why I don’t have any interest in getting such plans.

  3. paying them, you didn’t experienced any hassle. but now that you are trying to get your money back, you have to go through all sorts of procedures which are very time-consuming. we experienced the same thing with another company and it really sucks to be a policy holder with these companies 🙁

  4. am also a plan holder of 2 and i dont know where/whom to contact now. please help get the contact address /person at the head office. Thank you

  5. do you have offices on provinces?like cebu for example so we dont need togo to manila just to claim our money back?

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