Weekend at EDSA Shangri-La

I had a nice bonding time with my 2 kids last weekend at EDSA Shangri-La.  Though there were only 3 of us (hubby was still in Davao and Izah was with her cousins), we still had fun.  We didn’t really do anything except to go for a swim and watch TV, and since we don’t subscribe to Cable TV at home, Faye took advantage and watched cartoons and the finale of the American Idol (which, by the way, I’m sure she had watched dozens of times!).  I had to remind her that we didn’t go there to watch TV but rather, to enjoy the pool.  So, after much prodding, she finally agreed to go with us to the pool area.

What I loved about Shang was the high-speed Wi-Fi, which covered even the pool area! So, while the two were in the pool, I had a nice time downloading ebooks and browsing FB.

It was our first time to stay overnight there and the kids were looking forward to the buffet breakfast, and they weren’t disappointed. They were so full by the time we finished that they almost couldn’t eat lunch after the Sunday church service.  Our room accommodation entitled us to two free breakfast, and Faye was entitled to a 50% discount, so we all enjoyed the buffet meal.

I couldn’t resist a Filipino breakfast!

Kids simply love doughnuts!

Faye got excited when she saw the Pistachio yogurt which she thought tasted like ice cream. She was a bit disappointed when it wasn’t sweet enough for her taste.

I just couldn’t resist taking photo of the insanely-priced bottled water inside the room!

We all had a well-rested evening. The drapes were drawn close so I didn’t notice the sunlight. I woke up reluctantly at 6:30am, and pulled myself out of bed.  Though we all had agreed the day before that we will not be staying long after the breakfast because we had to attend the Sunday church service, we almost had second thoughts because the pool and the bed were simply irresistible!  But then, the Sunday church service priority prevailed.  After breakfast,  we checked-out at 10:00am and proceeded to Makati.  They both promised that they won’t be having lunch anymore, but I thought to myself, “OK, that remains to be seen”, and  I was right, because they still managed to squeeze in a full meal when we had lunch at Max’s Restaurant.

The simple “Thank you, Mommy” that I heard from them was enough to make the time spent with them even more special.

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  1. Wow! So touching.. bonding time with our kids even once is a while is one of the most important thing to do .. because our kids will surely remember it for a lifetime. 🙂

    Looks like you had fun and with that “inggit mode” ako because I really want to go to Edsa Shang w/ my family… maybe soon. lol!

    Love to try the Pistacho yogurt looks so yummy.. 🙂

    • Hi Eds, we really had a great time, though, bitin pa nga, we still wanted to go swimming pa sana in the morning.

      You should go there with the family, if only for the buffet breakfast, your stay will be worth it, LOL.

  2. Those are delicious treats! I want to go a vacation with mu family too but I guess I don’t have the money to spend yet. Maybe I need to save more than 10 pesos on my piggy bank. ^_^

  3. Hi Pearl,
    I must applaud your choice of not opting for TV at home, I am quite against it and its negative impact on humans.
    The resort and the food are absolutely amazing! I bet you couldn’t resist that delicious breakfast 🙂

    And the kids are adorable 🙂


    • “No-TV policy” is very difficult to fully implement at home 🙂 I’m actually strict on that during school days, during summer break, i’m kinda lenient 🙂
      The resort is really nice, and of course, the buffet breakfast was the real reason why the kids looked very happy.. 🙂

  4. We haven’t been to EDSA Shangri-La before, but we’d like to try this hotel, too, and taste their delicious foods, like the ones in your photos.

  5. I don’t think we can afford to stay there so I could only feast on the their food on your photos.

    Going to church on Sunday and worshiping the true and living God should always prevail. Anyway the 6 days are ours so let us give the required one day to our God 🙂 Wise choice 🙂


  6. “No-TV policy” is very challenging to completely apply at home 🙂 I’m actually tight on that during university days, during summer time crack, i’m kind of easygoing 🙂
    The hotel is really awesome, and of course, the food morning meal was the actual purpose why the children seemed very satisfied..

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