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Are you pushed to your stress limit but you think that going on regular spa treatments can max out your budget? Here are simple do-it-yourself tips on how to bring the spa right at your home. It’s simple and easily accessible, but most of all it’s CHEAP!

1.  Find your comfort zone

It is best to find that spot in your house where you could relax and no one could bother you. Whatever room in your house, may it be your bathroom or bedroom, it’s best that you prepare it way before. Keep it as dust-free as possible, put candles or even incenses, and of course, music to help set the mood. The most important thing to keep in mind is put in anything that will help you stay relaxed.

2.  Give time for yourself

Finding the right spot may just be one of the steps for your “spa-at-home”. However, even if you’ve created the perfect atmosphere for it, not giving time for it defeats its entire purpose. It’s best if you set your spa treatments during the weekends where there are a few distractions. Do not feel guilty for treating yourself, after all the stress, you deserve it!

3.  Make your own spa program

A spa program can help you set a specific routine, thus enabling you to pamper yourself from your head down to your toes. It is recommended that your spa program includes the following:

  • Use shower gel during your bath. You can use scented shower gels for aromatherapy purposes or mentholated shower gels for a cool feel.
  • Since your skin is still soft after a bath, use a foot file to remove calluses or rough areas.
  • Cuticles in both hands and feet can be pushed with nail sticks. After that, apply cream.
  • To help keep the moisture locked in, apply lotion over your whole body, right after your shower.
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  1. i’m not sure if you can call it spa-like but from time to time, I do treat myself to half a day pampering at home. I start with Dermalogica exfoliating scrub then facial mask. I attend to my nails with almond oil then dip my hair on olive oil. then i take a long warm bath with lavender and finish it off all with bath salts =)

  2. Spas are booming nowadays, offering different packages in a wide range of prices. But if we have time and plan for a weekly routine to do spa at home then we can save a lot of money.

  3. These are wonderful tips. I tried to have my very own treatments at home too instead of spending too much at Spas. Sometimes it doesn’t feel as ‘pampering’ though. hehe 🙂

    • you’re right, I sometimes feel the same way… I think by instinct we feel more “pampered” if somebody else is doing it for us 🙂

  4. as much as I want to try this I can’t. I am not yet used of being a full time mom. That I always left no time for myself. If I get to used with the hang of it, I am sure I’ll be back on this particular post and try this one! 🙂

  5. I love home spa. I prefer doing it at home actually and having home service massage. It’s more relaxing that I don’t have to worry about getting home after. I can go right to sleep if I want.

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