Sunday Reflections: How Do We Pray Correctly for People to Change?


1.  Check your motives.  We might think that we only have the best interest of the person in mind, but we might be wrong.  We might have a different motive for wanting them to change.

2.  Sometimes the problems of other people may be about us.  God teaches us to wait — in prayer and in love — rather than to give up on the person.  Sometimes, it takes a problematic person to make us realize that there’s also something wrong with us.  We can’t always be correct.  We can’t always know more than other people.  We also need fixing from God.

3.  Love the person.  Only God can show us how to love this person correctly.  God teaches us to be patient with each other, by making allowances for each other’s faults because of love.  He also teaches us to not only look out for own interests, but to take an interest in others, too.  He teaches us to ask ourselves: How do we empathize with this person? Loving them also means bringing out the gold in them.   God tells us to always look for the best in each other and to always do our best to bring it out.

4.  Remember how God has been patient with us.  We should all realize how kind, tolerant and patient God is with us. We should see how kind He has been in giving us time to turn away from our sins. God give us patience, steadiness and encouragement to help us to live in complete harmony with each other.

There are times when we feel like living with a person is a challenge.  That person may be our spouse, our son, our daughter, or our parents.  We may even think that we are in hopeless relationships because we see the other person as the one who is always at fault.  Whenever this thing happens to you, pause and pray for that person, and pray also that God gives you the wisdom to realize that the problem might not be the other person, the problem might be that you are not humble enough to admit that most of the times, you are at fault also.

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  1. Yes this is very true that we should wait in parayer and in love. But when we pray to GOD we should pray for all human being. We should not think only about a particular person.

  2. I like your reflection. It is true. Sometimes, we tend to forget that God is so patient with us and yet we can’t be patient with the persons around us… Thanks for sharing these thoughts 🙂

  3. This is very motivational post. I think we should pray for all the humanity to become a good human being. It’s true that sometimes we have to wait for the desired result.

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