Frozen Durian, Anyone?

I love durian, though I prefer eating it frozen because it just tastes divine, just like ice cream.  And its partner that I couldn’t do without?  COKE!  It just doesn’t taste the same without Coke.  At home, only hubby and I enjoy eating it, our kids don’t like the smell much less the taste.  Hubby just got back from Davao, and aside from the 6.5 kilos of Pomelo that he brought home, I made sure that he didn’t forget to bring home 2 containers of frozen durian also. How about you? Do you like durian?



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  1. I am not really fond of durian, be it the fruit or any of its by products like candies, cake, bread – it is not really about the smile but perjaps the after taste.

    But I love love love pomelo.
    Been here from Food Trip Friday

    • you’re right, it has an after taste which stays in your mouth a long time, and when you burp, your breath smells like durian, LOL.

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