Every Child is Special: A Must-See Movie for the Family

Since last year, my family has enjoyed watching Bollywood movies.  We were introduced to these movies through the Sunday church service in which the speakers regularly feature inspiring scenes from selected movies.  After watching the 3 Idiots last year, and not just once, not twice, but I think more than five times, we were hooked.  Next was the movie My Name is Khan, which was also very entertaining and also has some lessons to impart to its viewers.  We also watched Ghajini which could touch anyone’s heart despite having a tragic storyline.

The most recent one that we watched was the movie Every Child is Special.  This movie really tugged at our heartstrings mainly because it involves a little boy of eight, named Ishaan, who was thought to be a misbehaving, slow learner, and hyperactive child.  He couldn’t read and was performing very poorly in school.   The teachers and the school principal recommended transferring him to a boarding school  in the hope of developing his skills.   Ishaan lost his self-confidence and self-esteem and as the days went by, he drifted more and more away from his surroundings and from the people around him.  He even lost interest in painting which was his greatest talent and was his favorite hobby when he was still back home.   An arts teacher took notice of him and immediately saw the signs of the cause of Ishaan’s learning disability.  The teacher made his own research and event went to visit Ishaan’s parents to look at his previous books and notebooks, and he was surprised when the mother showed him the paintings done by Ishaan.  He told the parents that Ishaan was now almost destroyed and that he wasn’t even painting anymore.  He told the parents that Ishaan is dyslexic, and that’s the reason why he couldn’t read, has difficulty following instructions, has poor motor skills, and  has poor concentration.

The teacher did everything he could to help Ishaan.  He talked to the principal to authorize Ishaan’s teachers to assess the abilities of the child through oral tests instead of written.  He promised the principal that he will take care of teaching Ishaan reading and writing skills.  Through the teacher’s perseverance, patience, and care, Ishaan gradually improved.  He learned how to read and write.  He also renewed his love for painting, and when the teacher initiated a painting contest in which the entire school participated, Ishaan won the grand prize.

Ishaan’s parents were very grateful for what the teacher did to their son and  Ishaan’s father was very sorry for all the things that he did and say to his son.

Despite being a 3-hour movie, as is often the case in most Indian movies, we didn’t notice the time because it was really a very heartwarming movie.   It will touch the hearts of parents because most of us are sometimes guilty of pushing our children to the limits without considering that they might have already reached their capacity.  Sometimes, we’re expecting too much from our kids and we sometimes look the other way or push them even harder instead of confronting the problem head on when we notice that they’re not performing at par to our standards.  There are times when we don’t realize that there might be some problems that our kids themselves couldn’t express, and sometimes they just come across as being lazy, rebellious, slow learner, or temperamental.   This movie is an eye-opener as to what love, patience and understanding can do to a child with learning disability, what more to a child who is only misbehaving because he craves for attention from his own parents?

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  1. The above article is very much interesting because it discusses about bollywood movies and I have seen all the movies. The movie “Taare Zameen Par” is very close to my heart because it tries to convey the message that every child is special, and every parents should understand their children.

  2. Nice movie indeed. That is so true, we should not force our children to do good but let them do it on their own. I have a 23-month old son and I think he is doing well with everything. It came to a point that pressure push me to teach my son all he could learn because I saw toddler of his age already can read. But no, it don’t help me and so I let him learn on his own. I never force him again and let him do his way. Surprisingly, I hear him recite the alphabet, count from 1-20, differentiate the colors and shapes. I told myself, he could make it on his own and on his time.

    Mommy Maye (http://momayes.blogspot.com)

  3. this is a touching movie.. super relate ako my son has special needs and teachers have given up. The only teacher that did not give up on him was his Kumon Teacher. Now my son is still in SPED grade 3 this coming school year

  4. sometimes no matter how i say that i will not pressure my son or push my son, there are times still times that i push him because i’m not satisfied with his work. #badmommy. but i’m trying not to compare and i let him discover and learn on his own time.

  5. I can relate much too since my son was just recently diagnosed with ADHD. If we have children, we should be on the lookout for signs of learning disabilities and the like so we can bring our kids to the doctor early on. This will ensure we can understand them more and provide them their needed assistance. By the way, where do you watch Bollywood movies?

    • yes, early diagnosis is very important… we shouldn’t ignore the signs. my son downloaded this movie, while the other Bollywood movies that we have, like 3 Idiots and My Name is Khan, my husband bought the CDs from Davao.

  6. I am always in the lookout for good movies for kids. BUt sometimes cartoons lang ang options and they come few in between (the disney movies i mean). So thank you for introducing me to Bollywood movies. But if it’s 3 hours long do you think my 7 year old can finish it till the end?

    • Hi Paula, i think you can introduce it to your 7-year old child, just point out to him the highlights of the movie. 🙂

  7. this is one of the movies of Amir Khan that I’ve been watching for the nth time! I don’t usually store movies in my laptop except for those super nice ones that are worth watching over and over again and this is one of them.

  8. Thank you Ms. Pearl for sharing. Children need their parent’s love and attention. Adults come to a point when they feel confused. What more for kids who have just started exploring their world? They definitely need all the guidance we parents can give.

    • Hi Cristine, yes, kids need all the love and attention that parents can give them, to mold their character and be ready to face life’s challenges.

  9. another ahmir khan movie! wow. i am also a fan of 3 Idiots and this one is most probably as inspirational…as a victim of favoritism, i can totally relate to some parts that you described.

  10. hi sis, i also watched 3 idiots ” all is well”. a classic movie, thank you for sharing this. i will try to have a copy of this and watch.

    Parents should be a good example for their children. they should need to understand their children in order to digest what they feel.

    • you should start watching Bollywood movies, they’re great! but be ready to sit for 3 hours in front of your TV 🙂 but it’s worth it!

  11. It’s always nice to watch foreign movies and movies ng ibang culture. Para kang nagbabasa ng book, mas lumalawak ang pang-unawa mo.

  12. I’ve seen this movie several times and it really made me wept. It was introduced to me by a sister in Christ and I became intrigued about it while she was sharing the climax of the story.
    While watching it in my apartment my tears were unlimited even if the copy that I had don’t have English translation.
    The message was clear, every child is special. People didn’t realize that each of us was fearfully and wonderfully made by an awesome creator that has an understanding beyond what we expect.

    Each of us carries a gift that is useful for His glory!

  13. Your question is worth pondering for parents. It’s really nice for you to share this story. Will be hoarding those Bollywood films in my laptop na. 🙂

  14. I’m a great fan of bollywood movies but there are times I watch some of it. It was interesting to know that there are movies that are simple in plot but pierce through the heart. I like those kind of movies.

    Our kids are Gods gift and each of them does have different needs and attention. As for my kids, my wife and I tries to let him do what he wants but always guide him. We are not pushing him with his studies but we make sure that he sees it as a game and he is not compel to do hard about it. There are times that he’s actually the one who’s asking to study. Just let them be…

    • yes, I think Via will understand it, just point to her the highlights of the movie, and besides, the trademark of Bollywood movies are they insert some catchy songs which I’m sure most kids love.

  15. I have a copy of this movie but I haven’t watched it. I just scan thru and and will have a schedule for watching this movie. You are the second one to say that this is a great movie.
    I find time to watch this one.

  16. aww, this is a nice story! For me, every parent should be there for their children no matter what happens. And learn to know one’s child rather than just leave it to the teachers or nanny.

  17. Love that story! There are probably a lot of kids like Ishaan in the Philippines whose learning disabilities go unnoticed and undiagnosed so they remain illiterate. 🙁

    How do you watch Bollywood movies? I want to watch those too!

    • I have watched this movie “Taare Zameen Par” again and again..yes 3 Idiots also such awesome movie.. but this movie is a different one…we should try to understand the problems of every child..and every child have something special talent…

  18. I do not have my own child but being exposed to my nephews and niece has made me aware that each child is unique. Their developmental capabilities vary and each has a great skill very distinctly his.

    Great post. God bless!

  19. this is a nice review, maybe i can ask my brother to download from the net; by the way i watched 3 idiots, first bollywood film i seen… and i like it

  20. The story looks interesting, i will find it online maybe it is available already. I think last year someone made a blog about Bollywood movie and saying good thing i think this is the time for me to watch their movies.

  21. Gosh! Most of the time I’m like that to my sons-pushing them to study. You have to do this, finish this. You’re right. We need to find the cause of the problem. Sometimes I’m being too pushy without even thinking is my child hungry or sleepy or tired? This school year, I want to be more patient in teaching my kids. To be able to do that, I think I need to be wiser in managing my time so I can’t pass on the pressure to my kids. Whew! Sorry I’ve said so much hehe 🙂

    • hi Jona! i think it’s mom’s instinct to push their kids to study 🙂 because we want them to discover their own abilities. Being patient to my kids is also a struggle which I’ve been praying for.

  22. I’ve seen this movie several times and still have the desire to see it. It’s very touching movie of a boy with disability in some aspects and because of love, patience of a teacher, the boy has realized the value of his talent. I even wept at the end of the movie.

  23. That’s truly an inspiring story and yes, I agree, that many often just focus on a child’s apparent misbehavior while failing to look into the cause of such behavior.

    I’ll try to look for a copy of that movie so hubby and I can watch it. I seriously doubt that our toddlers can sit still for three full hours watching the movie though.

  24. I studied education a couple years ago and work at DepEd. It is always emphasize about covering the 8 multiple intelligences. Because every child is a special. Unlike before people judge intelligent person as those who excel academically.

    BTW, I heard Indian movies are invading our country now a days. I’m intrigued and want to watch some of their movies. I think Every Child is a Special is great. I’ll find ways to get a copy of this.

  25. Thanks for the review. I have only watched one bollywood movie, “3 Idiots”, and I enjoyed it. (And I enjoyed the bollywood-inspired movie “Slumdog Millionaire”) I will check this one out.

  26. I have three special kids, two have autism and one is learning disabled. Often times, we get odd stares from people who are not yet enlightened about autism and other special disabilities. My kids look normal, even good looking that others get surprised when I tell them about their condition.

    Their siblings already had seen the movies you’ve mentioned. I have not, perhaps because there will be nothing new. I have long accepted the fact that my kids have their own giftedness, wether they are special or not. But it is good that more movies, even documentaries are tackling these issues, though some put some hype in them. It is about time, that this world should be look be looked differently, so we could understand it more.

    if your have time, you can drop by and visit my post. ” The Wonderful World of Auitism .”

    Blessings !

  27. looks really interesting and yes each child is special on their own way. I always believe that whatever they do and whatever they are, they are god’s gift to their family and they deserved to be treated and loved well.

  28. I’ve watched this movie before and it really touched my heart.Sometimes, we only see what we want to see and it’s hard for us to accept if our love ones are different from the norm when we are the ones who should understand and help them.

    Such a great movie with lots of values.

  29. Dyslexia is a condition that is often left undiagnosed so they think the child is just a slow learner or simply refusing to learn.

    It’s a liveable condition though. The child would just have to learn information in a different way.

    That’s a nice message for a movie! I don’t watch Bollywood movies though. I find them dragging ^-^;

  30. i have seen this movie and indeed it is very very nice! All SPED teachers can relate to it. How I wish SPED subject should be added in all curriculum… a very heartwarming story….:)

  31. Very interesting post about bollywood movies.I am a big fan of bollywood movies. “Taare Zammen Par” is a very special movie for me because it touches my heart strings and gives a very special message that every child is special and parents must try to understand his child’s feelings.

  32. Whoa,That sounds great
    And I do agree with the point “every child is special”
    The actual challenge lies in discovering The child’s potential
    Very well written
    Thanks for the share

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