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Update on Prudentialife Educational Plan

March 27, 2012 Pearl 14

After calling the office the Insurance Commission so many times, trying to get updates on the status of my pending claim, I got word from the accommodating assistant in the office of the conservator that they will finally release the list of the names of the planholders with pending checks from Prudentialife..  I tried to push my luck and called her again to ask the exact date for the release of the list, but she told me that they don’t have the exact date yet, but she said she has a copy of the list and she informed me that Read More

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MV Logos Hope – The Floating Bookstore

March 15, 2012 Pearl 5

Last Sunday,  we braved the long queue just to get inside the MV Logos Hope docked at Pier 15 South Harbor Manila.  We’ve been postponing it for 2 weeks already, and my daughter, Faye, has been very persistent in reminding me that the ship will be in Manila only until 13 March.   So, as expected, since it was only 3 days before the ship sailed again and dock in Subic, people who waited until the last minute (including us), flocked to the Pier with their kids and the whole family in tow, in order to buy books at discounted price, Read More

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Sunday Reflections: Handling Stress in our Lives

March 10, 2012 Pearl 0

There’s a lesson that we can learn from the story of Martha. She’s a biblical figure who was a friend of Jesus.  She was mentioned several times in the Bible and one story about her was when her house was visited by Jesus and her sister Mary didn’t help her with the preparations, but instead, sat in front of Jesus and listened to all that He was saying.  Martha took it against her sister and demanded that Mary should help her out.  She was so stressed out about the many tasks before her and she even asked Jesus why He Read More

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Happy 12th Birthday, Faye!

March 8, 2012 Pearl 2

Twelve years ago today,  I gave birth to my youngest daughter, Elizabeth Faye.  She was a very much welcome addition to our family of four.  Since her Kuya and Ate were already 7 years old and 5 years old when she was born,  they doted on her.  They competed on who gets to feed her, or who gets to carry her, or who gets to help in bathing her.   And come to think of it, up to this day, it still happens.  Earvin and Izah are still competing  for their little sister’s attention.  Sometimes she takes it in stride, but Read More

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Include in your Summer Vacation Plans

March 7, 2012 Pearl 0

Summer is finally here!  It’s what most people look forward to. With kids on vacation, it’s very easy to plan for summer getaways.  Beaches are popular destinations for most families like ours, and we’ve been to many beaches in the Philippines.   We usually plan our summer vacation ahead of time and we always make sure that the resorts that we go to have complete amenities that could entertain even young kids. But of course, aside from the resorts and beaches, my kids have always wanted to visit the disneyland, that’s why it’s in my family’s bucket list to visit Read More

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