Green Barley is Good for Heart Arrhythmia

Some of you would know that I have heart arrhythmia from way back in 2005.  I have had series of tests and I have also consulted two heart specialists, and they both said I just have to learn to live with those skipped beats.  I think I have learned to live with it, and I no longer have episodes of anxiety attacks lately because I have learned to manage it.  Unlike before when I get panicky every time I feel my heart racing (which usually happens at night), now, I have learned to divert my attention away from my palpitations by doing something else, like watching TV, checking on my FB account, writings posts on my blog, anything just to keep my mind away from my palpitations.  It helped a lot because I realized that those were just anxiety attacks, which just gets worse every time I become too conscious of my heart beats.

That was just one step that I made to improve my quality of life.  The other thing that I did was to religiously take 30 ml of Green Barley every morning.  I have been doing this for the last six months, and I swear to its benefits to my heart.  Though I’m still taking my maintenance medicine,  I have reduced it to half tablet everyday.  I feel energized every time I take it in the morning, simply because, it’s really full of nutrients, and  I didn’t need to take any other multivitamins.  Of course, I’m still taking some precautions.  I still avoid drinking coffee and I try to sleep early each night, because these were the things that I noticed were triggers to my palpitations and skipped beats, but overall, my condition has improved a lot ever since I started taking Green Barley regularly.

So now, I always make sure that we have continuous supply of Green Barley at home.  Even my kids are taking it, although not everyday, but whenever they have colds or some pains, I give them a mega dosage of Green Barley, and it always works for them.

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