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Green Barley is Good for Heart Arrhythmia

February 29, 2012 Pearl 1

Some of you would know that I have heart arrhythmia from way back in 2005.  I have had series of tests and I have also consulted two heart specialists, and they both said I just have to learn to live with those skipped beats.  I think I have learned to live with it, and I no longer have episodes of anxiety attacks lately because I have learned to manage it.  Unlike before when I get panicky every time I feel my heart racing (which usually happens at night), now, I have learned to divert my attention away from my palpitations Read More

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Spa Treatment at Home

February 27, 2012 Pearl 1

Working moms deserve a break, once in a while.  And what better way to do it than to spend some time in a spa.  But if you still don’t feel like you have an extra time to escape from home, or you cannot allot an extra budget for it, why not just do it at home using simple spa-inspired concoctions that will leave your skin looking fresh and glowing. Salt Scrub You will need: 3 cups fine sea salt, 3/4 cup olive oil and 3/4 cup sweet almond oil How to make: In a bowl, stir olive oil and salt Read More

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Prudentialife Educational Plan Woes

February 9, 2012 Pearl 33

Like most parents, we wanted to secure our son’s education, that’s why at zero age, we got him a Traditional Educational Plan from Prudentialife Plans.   When he entered College in 2009, we were so happy when we found out that the school that we chose for his course had a direct billing arrangement with Prudentialife, so enrollment was a breeze since all we needed to do was to present to the school the authorization letter sent by Prudentialife every semester.  Since what we have was the Traditional Plan, the entire tuition fee was covered, and we just had to pay Read More

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Faye as Luna: Goddess of the Moon

February 4, 2012 Pearl 2

In celebration of the English Week in Faye’s school, they were asked to dress up like the characters of various literary stories.  Each grade level was given a theme, and Grade Six students were asked to dress up as Roman gods and goddesses.  Faye got busy searching for the goddess that she wants to represent, but she had difficulty finding one because she said there wasn’t much Roman Goddesses to choose from and it seemed like all her classmates had already picked the goddess that she wants. Finally, she found the Goddess of the Moon, depicted as a woman wearing Read More