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A Feast at Giligan’s Restaurant

November 25, 2011 Pearl 18

As I have said in my previous posts, our family Sunday lunches are spent in restaurants “just around the corner”, not expensive and not fancy.  But two Sundays ago, my brother-in-law treated us for lunch at Gilligan’s Restaurant for his belated birthday celebration.   We welcomed the change, a sumptuous and delicious change, in fact, LOL.  The kids, as usual, were so happy, although they all seem happy every time they were together, so I wasn’t surprised at all. We had one of Giligan’s group meals which was really A LOT, we didn’t even get to finish some of it, Read More

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Sunday Reflections: How Should We Now Live?

November 24, 2011 Pearl 0

Anyone who said he is a Christian should live as Christ lived. (1)   Live a life of Integrity. Integrity means wholeness. We should be the same all throughout — we shouldn’t wear a mask. We cannot be this kind of person at home, and that kind of person at work. (2)  Live in Humility.  Humility is dependence. Sometimes we venture into the opposite by becoming proud. When one is a humble person, he accepts the yoke of God. (3)  Live with Simplicity. Living simply gives you less stress.  Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life Read More

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Looking for a Dormitory House

November 22, 2011 Pearl 1

I am  currently scouting for a dormitory for my son.  He’s now in third year college and his schedule is making it impossible for him to commute everyday.  His travel time, especially when he is not able to ride with me, is two hours, at the most three hours, due to traffic and waiting time for the bus or jeepney.  Unlike before when he didn’t want to stay in a dormitory, now, he was the one who initiated looking for a place near his school, so I knew that he’s really having a hard time with his schedule.  We should Read More

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Family Time at Shakey’s

November 18, 2011 Pearl 10

Hubby has again left for another month-long stay in Davao.  Before he left, he treated us for dinner at Shakey’s Restaurant near our place.  It was just a small restaurant so we had to wait for at least 30 minutes before we were given a table, good thing we had snacks at home so the kids weren’t really that hungry.  When we eat out, we always look for ways to save, so we just ordered one of their family meals, with 1 large pizza, chicken, spaghetti and mojos, all for only Php1,050 (reasonable enough, huh!) After dinner, we stayed for Read More

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Canon Manila Photomarathon 2011

November 15, 2011 Pearl 1

I’ve been seeing in the Facebook page of Canon Philippines the posts about the Canon Photomarathons held in various parts of the Philippines, and it seemed that everyone was excitedly waiting for the Manila leg.  I got interested so I regularly checked their page to see if they have any update on the schedule for Manila.  I wanted to join the event because  I have purchased last April a Canon 600D using my online income and until now, I haven’t had the chance to use it in any activity except within my family.  I haven’t even attended any activity in Read More

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