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As I have mentioned in my previous posts, our regular Sunday lunch time with the family after the church service is usually spent at KFC.  Why?  It’s the nearest and  most affordable.  Though sometimes the kids beg off and request for a different restaurant, like last Sunday, we went to Mang Inasal in Jupiter Street.  Two Sundays ago, we again ate at KFC, and this time, Faye said she wants the newest in the menu, the BBQ Rods.  I even asked the crew, “Is it also chicken?”  She stared at me and she must have thought, “What a dumb question, Read More

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Sunday Reflections: Dealing with Emotional Pain


“There is no part of my life, upon which I can look back without pain”  (Florence Nightingale) We all experience emotional pain.  Nobody likes emotional pain, but unfortunately, it’s a part of life.  Sometimes, we have no control over it.  What matters most is how we deal with it. How do you react to emotional pain?  Our common response is ANGER.  The problem is, when there’s great anger in our hearts, we tend to do foolish things.  We tend to resort to vices, rebellion, hostility.  Are you this kind of person?  Do you easily give in to anger and bitterness? Pain Read More

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An Unfortunate Incident at Mang Inasal


After the church service in Makati, the kids requested to have lunch at Mang Inasal.  We couldn’t think of a nearer branch to Greenbelt than the one in Jupiter St., so since the kids insisted on going there (I think they’ve had enough of KFC!), we had no choice but to just go there. The kids like it there because of the unlimited rice, and they already knew what to order.   I didn’t know that they also have unlimited soup.  As soon as we were seated, we were given hot soup, which tasted good, really.  Unfortunately, it was that extremely Read More

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Classic Savory


I so love chicken, especially if it’s juicy!  That’s why I love the chicken from Savory, crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside.   I still remember the old restaurant in downtown Manila way back when I was still a child, though I have no memories of my parents bringing me there,  I can remember my father bringing Savory chicken when he gets home from work. In 2008, it was revived by the new generation of the Ting Family by opening branches all over the Philippines.  The chicken and the gravy are still the same and the secret Read More

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Davao Pomelo, my Daughter’s Favorite


My husband is on a business trip again to Davao, and it’s longer this time — one whole month!  Last August he stayed there for three long weeks.  It was his first long business trip;  his previous trips lasted for only three days, so it took a while before we got used to not having him at home.  The kids — especially the bunso (youngest) kept on asking when her Dad will be coming home; they were all surprised that his trip lasted that long and they didn’t know that it was just a preview of what was to come, Read More

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