Have you heard of Green Barley?

To be honest, I haven’t until two weeks ago when I  came across one of its ads while searching the Sulit Website for some business opportunities that I can do as a sideline.  What got my attention was the many people who were supposedly healed by it.  But then, although there were many testimonials from so many people, I was still skeptical so I did a lot of research. What I found out was truly amazing because I saw not just a few but I think hundreds of testimonials from people all over the world swearing that they were miraculously healed of their sickness when they took Green Barley.

So, after doing thorough research about its many health benefits, my husband and I were both convinced that it’s the type of product that we want to endorse.  We attended the orientation seminar sponsored by Health Wealth International to learn more about the product, and we were not disappointed because the speaker thoroughly explained in a much simpler approach most of the things that I read from various websites.

Right now, everyone in my family is taking it. When we first tried it, what we noticed was we felt more energized and we didn’t get tired easily.  My mother, although she doesn’t have a maintenance medicine for arthritis, has to take medications every 3 days to relieve her pain and discomfort whenever her arthritis attacks.  But now, it’s been 2 weeks since she started taking Green Barley and she said she hasn’t felt any pain in the knee which signals the start of an arthritis attack.  My father told me the same and he said he feels stronger and more energized. We don’t have to be sick to be able to take advantage of the many micronutrients found in Green Barley.  It’s even much better to take it even if we consider ourselves healthy because it will make sure that our immune system will get even more stronger.


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  1. I had not heard of Green Barley. Sounds from your story like it actually works. There are a lot of 'superfoods' out there and seems like there's always a new one. It makes sense to me, I tend to believe that much of the sickness in the world is because of poor nutrition, your body can fight disease but it needs to be strong!

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