Lunchtime Workout

After getting clearance from my cardiologist, I’m back to my lunchtime gym routine.  Actually, I was supposed to go back to the gym since November last year, but then, that’s the problem when I stop exercising, it’s very difficult for me to get back on track, and very difficult to bring back the old habit.  So, as soon as 2011 kicked in, I promised to myself that I will make it my top priority.  Right now, I’ve been religiously doing it, and  since January I’ve been going to the gym 4 or 5 times a week during my lunch break, and of course, it helped that the gym is just inside my office building, so, no excuse for me not to make good with my promise.


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  1. Hello sis,

    we really need to exercise, although ang hirap din maging consistent, it really takes discipline… good luck to us! 🙂

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