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Summer Escapades

In a few months’ time, it would be officially summer here in the Philippines and people are busy looking for the best summer getaway for their families.  In my office, I’m part of the recreation committee in charge of the outing for my department, and right now, we are busy scouting for the best resorts […]

Too Early to Prepare for a Debut?

It suddenly hit us that Izah is turning 18 next year, so, when I saw the ads about the Debut Fair sponsored by Weddings and Beyond, we decided to visit it to get some brochures and to have some ideas on the photo, video, venue, caterer, invites and giveaways.  I didn’t know that […]

Time for the New Beginning

The past year, 2010, has come and gone, and what’s left are the memories, both pleasant and unpleasant.  I always try to remember the positive things that happened to me, but I also make sure that I also remember all the negative things that happened, because I know that it is where I learned the […]

How Do You Handle Your Child’s Negative Behavior?

There are certain things that you can do to take control and stop being at the mercy of your child’s negative behavior.  Enforce discipline. Remember, children need rules. Be consistent so you don’t lose your credibility. Children also need to learn that crying is not a manipulative tool that will get them what they want.  […]

Juicing for Good Health

Last year, I bought a juicer for my family’s use.  I shared it in my post Fresh Juice for Good Health.  Since then, I’ve been using it only for carrots.  I haven’t been exploring the other possible combinations of fruits and vegetables, but last weekend, I decided to give it a try and […]