Treasures to be Kept

It’s always heartwarming to see old friends. Just recently, I have had friends who visited the Philippines for a vacation. Although we have been apart for years, we have kept in touch, and thanks to Facebook, we were able to share family photos more often. They were here for just a short period of time, one month to be exact, but they have prepared for it at least a year prior to their visit. They knew that their visit will be in time for the rainy season that was why they armed themselves with a visitors health insurance just for their peace of mind. I couldn’t agree more on their decision to get temporary health insurance because they have two young kids in tow who were not used to the weather here. And it really pays to have a good foresight especially if it’s about health concerns.
We had a lot of catching up to do, so, when I learned that they were coming for a vacation, I made it a point that we spend some time together, so, together with our families, we went out, had dinner, and just simply had fun.
Friends are really treasures, especially old friends, because you’ve been through a lot together, and you have a lot of memories to go back to. You are twice blessed if you are able to extend the friendship to each of your families, and that your own children become friends also. I don’t really have much friends, and as an only child, I am too selective of friends, but the ones that I have, I have kept for many years. I may have lost touch with some of them, or have managed to send emails to most of them, but I still keep them in my heart and will forever treasure the memories that I have of the time that we spent together.


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