My Family’s Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree has been with my family for 18 years now, even 1 year older than my son.  A friend kindly bought it for us in Duty Free Philippines, and she even brought it to my house, so sweet of her.

Now, although this tree has a sentimental value for us, we felt the need to replace it with a new one because it’s beginning to look a bit worn out already, and it cannot stand firmly anymore because we’ve lost some of the locks that hold it to its frame.  So, last weekend, when we went to Divisoria, we also checked out the various Christmas trees being sold there, and we got lucky! We were able to buy an 8-ft tree for a steal:  Php1,200!  An 8-ft tree in the Mall can easily go for Php5,000 to Php6,000.  The leaves/stem of the tree that we bought are very pretty and can also compete with that of the trees in the Malls.  Its original price was Php1,400, and my husband even managed to haggle and ended up with Php1,200.  My sister-in-law, who’s a more frequent Divisoria-shopper than me was even more surprised that we got the tree for such a very low price because she said the last time that she checked on a 7-ft tree, the price was Php3,500.  I’m sure we really got lucky.  
Now, my next concern are the decors that I will put on the tree, because for sure, the decors in my inventory are not enough to fill-up the 8-ft tree since my old tree was only 5-ft, and besides, they all look old, but then again, they all have sentimental value for my family, so most probably, I will keep most of them, and still put them on our new tree.
Faye is very excited, she has been the one nagging me about putting Christmas decors in the house, right after the Halloween and when I told her that I’m debating on whether or not I should put up a tree this year, she really threw a tantrum.  So, when she saw the tree that her Dad and I bought, she was really very happy.  

So, this is our family’s project for the coming weekend.  Stay tuned for the photos, I just hope it turns out great.


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  1. Sayang naman retired na si old tree. It's nice to have the same tree every christmas. My aunt has this big, big, old tree until now, the silver kind that's older than me. She buys one new ornament for it each year.

  2. I retired mine two years ago, it was more than 10 years old and the leaves and stems started to fall, I bought mine 6ft tall at robinsons fairview at P2,300, it was originally priced at 5k in SM.

  3. Hi! This is our first time to decorate our house for the coming Christmas. Would it be okay to ask you the name of store and location? My hubby & I are planning to get our decorative stuffs at Divi this weekend. Thanks in advance!!! 🙂

    • Hello Joan, Tabora street has lots of Christmas decorations, though you can also find them in the Malls nearby like the Divisoria Mall and 168. Thanks for dropping by!

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