A Lucrative Business

Usually, at this time of the year, my husband is busy with his small business of corporate giveaways from which we earn extra income. He is not really marketing it that much, in fact, he only has two regular clients that he concentrates on, but it helps a lot in easing our holiday expenses. Last October, we began scouting for new products to offer his regular clients, and to other possible new clients. We found several new items, like, memo holder, badge lanyards, flash lights, pouch bags, and plastic bottles. We concentrated on products which will definitely be useful for office workers, like id lanyard. Although this time, he still has unconfirmed orders, I’m sure by the first week of December, he will still get several orders which will keep him super busy. I remember his first year in this business, he was overwhelmed because of the six different items that he got from one of his clients. We even went to as far as Laguna for one of the items. But it was worth it because that client became his regular client until now.

Corporate giveaways is a lucrative business if only we can focus on it. Doing marketing is crucial especially because of the competition, but since my husband has a full time work and this is just his sideline during the holidays, he does not have enough time to do the marketing himself. It would have been ideal to set up an online store from free sites like Multiply, in fact, he has been bugging me about it for the longest time, but I still could not find the time to do it, since I also have a small online business myself. During his first year in this business, he was full time in it because he did not have a regular job at that time, so, he was able to concentrate on it, in fact, that was the reason why he got into this business, to earn an additional income for the family. When he got a full time job, he realized he can still serve his clients, albeit part time, and during the holidays only, so that we can still enjoy the extra income that we can get from it.

Probably, in a few more years, we can push this business forward, and concentrate on some marketing strategy to get more clients and close more deals.


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